This page is an archive of information created by the Direct Action Working Group (DAWG) that emerged from the Occupy Wall Street movement and the New York City General Assembly.

Formerly, the working group was empowered with organizing protest and outreach actions, and relevant trainings, for participants of the protest movement in New York City. Since then, DAWG organizers have migrated to other projects in the city, and elsewhere.

The largest portion of DAWG identified with anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and anti-oppressive ideologies, and focused on promoting a consensus-based decision making by communities, instead of reliance on traditional representative-politics.

If a large scale protest movement returns to New York City, this site will serve not just as a historical archive, but a collection of opinions of those who chose to identify with DAWG, and will be a resource for those who organize with such a body in the future.

Direct Action Gets the Goods.