Proposal for DA Weekly Meeting Schedule/Structure

This will be our main topic of discussion for the Nov 8 DA meeting.

Types of Meetings:

  • Longer Strategy Discussion: This meeting would serve as time built-in to the week to debrief on actions, reflect on where we are as a movement and working group and plan for the upcoming week.
  • Big Action Meeting: This meeting could be 1-3 times a week to work on larger actions.  It could include introductory components and training.  This should be later in the evening when more people can plug in and more resources can be dedicated to making awesome larger actions.
  • Normal Break-Out/Proposal Meetings:  This could meet 1-2 times a week to allow new folks to plug in and propose ideas, get feedback from the group and advance proposals as a body.  This meeting should incorporate introductions to Direct Action as much as possible.

Meeting Times/Accessibility/Integration:

In response to requests that Direct Action become more accessible to the larger public and groups that would like to participate, Direct Action should consider moving the meeting times to later in the evening.

With the spokescouncil meeting every other day, DA has an opportunity to either stagger the meeting times or completely set them later in the evening.  For example, the larger action meetings could be on days where Spokecouncil is not meeting and could be from 6-8.  The smaller breakout meetings could be from 5-6pm on days of SC and serve as also a intro to Direct Action.

Critical Roles/Tasks DA Needs to Fill:

  • Liaising with Outreach
  • Liaising with DA in other occupations
  • Securing space for meetings
  • Info management
  • Regular Trainings with set times and spaces
  • Training to other boroughs, as requested by local GAs
  • Liaising with Labor Working Group
  • Emergency Park Defense
  • Rotating Spoke
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