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DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 11, 2011

Louis J took these notes. (Thanks!!) ANNOUNCEMENTS: –Tuesday at 12pm at Atrium, large movement meeting – Big envisioning MTG – March today –Starhawk in NY for a training on Monday, and Tues morning deconstructing empire         training/ wrkshop. –Mon 5pm 60 Wall discussion on outdoor space –Tues @ 8PM @ 60 Wall, Deescalation training for new […]

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Minutes, D12 Planning Meeting – Dec 8,2012

Hi, this is Madeline. I didn’t take these notes, but was sent them to post. I cut a bit of detail. Folks can let me know if it’s too much cut. THEME: THE 99% AGAINST THE GIANT SQUID, GOLDMAN SACHS RE: schedule the UAW is turning people out for this 7:30am – march from Zuccotti […]

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DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 8, 2011

Breakout Groups Breakout Group – Action against Koch brothers Breakout – Gambler’s intervention, gambler’s annonymous action Breakout Group – Action towards Zuccotti Park Breakout Group – I win, you lose.  School for Visual Arts Group – Tuesday @ noon at lunchtime Breakout Group – Pink Slip March Endorsement Breakout Group – Breakout to Boston Breakout […]

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Mintues – DAWG Meeting – Dec 7, 2011

Agenda reoccupation on Dec 17 Proposal: as visible outdoor space is very important on many levels for the movement here and around the world, subgroup asks for DA’s buy in (endorse and help carry out) on taking and holding such a space starting Dec 17. This could be 6th and Canal or another space. Background Considerable […]

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Mintues – DAWG Meeting – Dec 5, 2011

Sub-group report backs none Hunger strike – folks have been arrested again. 11pm last night. This is the second arrest for these people performing a hunger strike. Trinity has authorized the arrests both times. The strikers will reassess this campaign to ensure their safety and sanity. This group (6 and canal group) has drafted a […]

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Minutes – DAWG Meeting – Dec 2, 2011

Agenda Debrief on cis-male listen-only meeting experiment Some found it an interesting experiment. Others, primarily female, felt extremely uncomfortable esp when specific person was addressed and unable to respond – performing under male gaze—we as women have to teach cis-males a lesson? When we are made incredibly uncomfortable by this situation? – culture of talking […]

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Minutes – DAWG Meeting – Dec 1, 2011

DA mtg 12/1/11 Facilitator: Suzahn Note: this meeting was a first experiment at having cis males just listen, while others speak. We determined that cis males could speak during breakout groups. We will debrief this format at our next meeting (12/2). Breakouts: 12/2 Occupy Broadway—see info in calendar section below. 12/3 Newt on Staten Island—see […]

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