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thou shalt not pass

…and by thou I mean “alec” corporations. on #f29 occupy wall street will stand in solidarity with occupy portland in their call to shut down the corporations. alec, which stands for the american legislative exchange council is a body made up of corporations whose primary goal is to craft anti-worker legislations that benefit the 1%. […]

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May Day Meeting Minutes: 2/18/2012

OCCUPY WALL STREET MAYDAY COMMITTEE MINUTES     2-18-2012   AGENDA- Break –out Groups Logistics Break –out Groups – Outreach Report, discussiont- 2/16 Mayday Meeting with OWS, Labor, MAY 1 Coalition, Immigrant Groups List-Serves Announcements Time, Place & Facilitators for Next Meeting   LOGISTICS – REPORTS BACK   INTERNAL- Structure of meetings – most go to Action […]

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Strategy Session Notes – 02/19/12

> DA WG Meeting 2.19.12 > > Recaps > > – F29, Portland’s call to action to “shut down the corporations”. > Three main targets in NYC are Koch, Pfizer & BOA > > – Plans for a public event/teach in have been scrapped. There will be > a teach-in/presentation from Matt Taibbi on BOA […]

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From a comrade in Greece

Testimony What happened yesterday words cannot describe… The brutality of police repression units cannot be put into words. In these few lines I will do my best to narrate what I witnessed first hand, along with at least 500.000 of my co-citizens. Early afternoon around 18:00. Ermou St is the most famous pedestrian shopping road, […]

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Miniutes from 2/12 Action Planning

Information/Important Background: Occupy Portland National Call to Action: Portland Action Lab: Agreed Upon Goals Educate & Disrupt Target Bank of America for F29, which is an ALEC member. Organize several educational events for next two weeks leading up to F29 Open the day up to coordinated Affinity Groups Tuesday @ DA: We will work to […]

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Call to Action on May First

May Day Planning Committee Meeting Schedule Wednesdays 6:30pm – 33 West 14th Street Saturdays 1:00pm – 55 Washington Square South

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May Day Meeting Minutes: 2/4/2012

2/4/12 Intros Update Discss loose framework for May 1st PROPOSAL: Morning: disruptive action around midtown (where financial firms have headqarters) Noon: rally/march with May 1st coalition at Union Sq Evening rush hour: disruptive action Evening mass march Discussion: -why this is important: hard to move forward, do outreach, without a framework for what we’re asking […]

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DAWG Meeting Minutes – 02/08/12

Change in Meeting Schedule · Concerns about a few people making decision for larger group when not many present · Concerns that not enough effort will be put into escalation calendar · Desire to reevaluate restructuring—want to bring it up again on Thursday and Sunday or table it to discuss once people are back from […]

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General Strike ; oh yes we did

On December 19, 2011 Occupy Los Angeles put a call out to the world. Simply put, on May 1st, 2012, shut the world down. Here in New York, we concur. Occupy Wall Street will be standing in solidarity with our comrades in Occupy Portland, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Miami, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Boston and […]

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Statement of Solidarity with Oakland

Dear Occupy Oakland, We, the Direct Action Working group of Occupy Wall Street, condemn the wholly unacceptable and morally repulsive wave of repression against the Oakland Commune initiated by Oakland’s Mayor Quan and stand in firm solidarity with you, our comrades. Quan and Oakland’s cops have waged open warfare on you, and we draw great […]

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