5.24.12 Wednesday 5:30-7:30p meeting

Agenda Items: 1. SDS and Black Monday 2. More militancy/ radicalness in our actions 3. Sleepful Protest at the U.N. 4. Game Workshop Idea 5. NYCGA.net posting info. 6. Outreach

Report Backs: 1. Report from D.C. protest of Carlos Slim at George Washington University where he was given an honorary phd. About 700 people showed up at GWU to protest the man who became the richest man in the world thru telecom deals in Mexico that he built on the back of labor while taking full advantage of their poverty to refuse to provide a living wage or any decent working conditions. The protestors used audio disruption tactics to interrupt the process at GWU. The coalition who put this protest together voiced an interest in coming to NYC to discuss how they could work here with OWS. 2. Report back from Chicago. Our comrades (sisters and brothers) who went to Chicago reported back from their frontlines experience in Chicago. Much passion and solidarity was brought back by the occupiers who made the chicago trip. WELCOME HOME HEROES!! They reported a huge authoritarian state presence at the NATO summit with an increase in infiltration from what we have seen in NYC. There were federal, state, nyc, and chicago law enforcement personnel present to protect the NATO (the army of the one percent). They reported LRAD (long range acoustical devices), People Movers (bulldozers), and a very Militant police force who readily attacked protestors with batons to the heads. 3. There is an HPD (housing preservation and development) site on Staten Island that may be available for housing protestors who show up from around the country for Black Monday. 4. Report Back from the 100th day of student strike in Quebec solidarity march. It was a huge success for solidarity and taking the streets. We marched from Washington Square Park thru the city to Cooper Union and ended at Union Square. We took the streets immediately upon leaving Washington Square and were on the streets for much of the march. There were at least two de-arrests. The passion and solidarity at this march was awesome!

Agenda Items: 1. SDS/ Black Monday-the following proposal reached consensus: Proposal: Going forward two Wednesday DA meetings a month (alternating) will be focused on planning for Black Monday. The first two will be brainstorming sessions and a call will go out to other working groups to come and help in the planning. This will continue for one month and then we will revisit the proposal at that time. 2. More militancy/ radicalness in our actions-The occupiers from chicago brought back much passion and solidarity with them. They made suggestions that we focus on more radical tactics and training for our actions. Thru the successes they experienced in Chicago they feel we can be more effective at training and tactics. Some of the ideas put forth were: -a peace bloc contingent that would consist of protestors in all white at the front of marches willing to be arrested to illuminate the violence of the state. -Protective gear for protestors to wear. -a ‘train the trainer’ model as will be used at SDS where tactics are not only taught but those who learn them are empowered to teach others. We all discussed incorporating some of these ideas into the training at SDS. It was the general feeling of that we could ‘step up our game’ and ‘take it to the streets’. 3. Sleepful Protest at the U.N.-an action idea was put forth to sleep on the lawn adjacent to the U.N. This is federal land but is accessible to the public. This could take place on memorial day or the sunday night before memorial day. 4. 4. Game Workshop-A game workshop idea was put forth to build solidarity and to have some fun. Games such as capture the flag, occu-olympics, field day etc were suggested. We could possibly do this during the month between the end of SDS and black monday. It could help with solidarity building, tactical training, and enjoying ourselves. 5. 5. NYCGA.net posting info- A concern was raised about the info posted on NYCGA.net as it relates to DA and the accuracy of it. Some thought the info was not up to date although others found the information to be accurate and up to date. 6. Outreach-outreach was discussed. An occupier from union square mentioned that outreach is important and should include flyering, interacting with the public, and reaching out to those who may want to know more. Also, there will be a van with occupiers leaving nyc to travel the country and doing amazing outreach on many levels not the least of which is outreach for solidarity leading up to black monday.

Announcements: 1. Round Table Report Backs will take place at 730 after the DA meeting in LibertyThis is the second week and the format seems to be working well. Working Groups and Affinity Groups select a spokes to report back and give updates on whats going on with them. There is little discussion as this time is mainly for informing us all on what is happening within each group. followed by great conversation and camaraderie in the park. 2. There will be a Chicago debriefing/decompression meeting. this may take place sunday at 16 Beaver. TBD. 3. Some occupiers will be taking a criss-cross country tour as a way of outreach to educate, do tactical training, and generally reach out to others and other occupy sites. One focus of this trip will be for building solidarity for Black Monday.

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