5.9.12 Wednesday 5:30-7:30p meeting

Wednesday 5.9.12 5.30-7.30p da meeting


Report backs

Agenda Items – bank of America action – answering the call for reoccupation – Chicago buses from NY for NATO – Trinity Church is pressing charges, action for June 10 – Summer Disobedience School meeting on Monday – da meeting space – Black Monday 9.17.12

– Bank of America action at Central Park 6.5.12 Shakespeare play until 6.30.12, another play follows this, discussion on having outreach at the park, suggestion to have actions targeting BofA in the park during the plays, staff and execs of BofA will be present, we should try to disrupt these plays

– call for occupying foley square on #M12 : 5.12.12 to answer the global call by the indignados to occupy public town squares proposal, we will occupy foley square from sun up to sun down and end the day with a loosely facilitated popular assembly from 7-10p at the end of the day – friendly amendment that we not announce that people leave foley, however, we announce that the popular assembly ends at 10pm and everybody is free to choose what they do past park closing time, proposal passed with overwhelming consensus !!

– Chicago bus trip from NY for NATO. Discussion, this free bus trip is sponsored by ben and jerry’s.

– summer disobedience school, will be every Saturday starting 5.26.12. days will be 12-5pm. Various actions throughout. Tactics like flash mobs will be utilized. There will be a shodow program to train new organizers. There will be a free university each week. Suggestions for having “community service”. Have a component of mutual aid and free university in the park where we run the actions from. Offer skill shares like facilitation, think tank, run a free store, offer services like clown tactics and free massages, etc.

– da meeting times for Saturday until summer disobedience school. Have other working groups meet each Wednesday in liberty square. This Saturday da meets in foley, next Saturday in liberty square.

– Trinity church is prosecuting 24 people for trespassing and other charges from D17. There is an action organized by Occupy Faith to get Trinity to drop the charges against activists from occupy wall street.

– Black Monday is September 17, #blackmonday. Actions in the financial district and shut down the financial district. Invite other occupations to join us in new york. This will be the one year anniversary of occupy wall street and the idea is to make it a massive day of action. Make Black Monday effective in shutting down. More affinity groups, more affinity actions, everybody should organize in an ag format. All Black Monday decisions should be made within the larger DA meetings and debriefs at the end of Summer Disobedience School. Organize bus trip to new york from occupations all over the country. Occupy Boston will bottom line getting other occupations to new york. Invite outer boroughs to lead teach ins at summer disobedience school.

Announcements :

– free open mic night tonight at yippie café – Saturday, #M12, will be an all day occupation of Foley Square, ending with a Popular Assembly from 7-10pm.

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