As we approach May 1,we will be setting up 99 Picket Lines to expose, disrupt, and shut down the 1% who rule our city. This is an opportunity to fight back against austerity, union busting, the attacks on immigrant rights and the entire system of the 1% rule with a tactic and framework that is in solidarity with the mayday call to action. The picket line is a tactic with a rich history. It can be diverse and does not have to be symbolic.

Can you get at least 20 people to join you in picketing? Great!

Pick a target you want to picket, ideally at 8 am on May 1, in midtown. (We can help by publicizing your target, if you want. There will also be some upcoming trainings on picketing and mobile tactics) If you do not have 20 people, no problem come to an OWS action spokes council to plug into existing pickets or just come at 8AM to Bryant Park on May 1st and recruit folks to join you.

If you would like to register a picket line and or have any questions or need support email: 99picketlines@gmail.com. Visit Maydaynyc.org/99pickets!

#99PKTS – Now through May Day!:  OWS in solidarity with workers at Hot & Crusty Pizza. (Read More!)

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