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[Jail] Solidarity Forever!

On May 1st we are to expect, as we always should, an aggressive, unjust overreaction to actions on the behalf of the NYPD. Though few of us wish to purposefully get arrested, many of us who simply wish the celebrate the holiday that May Day is will be kidnapped and caged by the state. This […]

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General Strike NOW: Ways to Build Up and Participate on May 1st

Propaganda: Download and print posters, fliers, zines, and more at and and post them around your neighborhood; give them out to your friends, family, and co-workers; or bring them to community based organizations or local businesses and ask them to post them in their windows or leave a visible stack for members or […]

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May Day: A Brief History of the Holiday in NYC

  From, MAY DAY IN NYC: Reading the history of May Day in NYC is like taking a whirlwind tour through America in the modern age. May Day NYC is a story of ebbs and flows and rapidly shifting political terrains; a story of oscillations between brutal police repression and breathtaking exhibitions of collective […]

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Street Tactics/Clown Vocabulary!

Every Friday before our march to disrupt the NYSE closing bell, DAWG organizers have been hosting tactical trainings for spring trainees to employ in the streets later that day. These tactics were initially developed by street performance groups, including Rebel Clown Army, and are being adapted by OWS for practical use in the street and […]

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From a comrade in Greece

Testimony What happened yesterday words cannot describe… The brutality of police repression units cannot be put into words. In these few lines I will do my best to narrate what I witnessed first hand, along with at least 500.000 of my co-citizens. Early afternoon around 18:00. Ermou St is the most famous pedestrian shopping road, […]

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