DAWG Meeting Minutes – 1/2/12

Agenda items

– Phase 2
Suggestion: 1 day (or more) opt out of the system by staying home and taking a day off from work. Maybe do it on Ground Hogs day. Response: similar idea to general strike; coming up later in meeting.

Action for Obama signing the NDAA. Make this an official OWS action. (Consensus.) Press conference at noon outside New York Public Library at Bryant Park. 1P march to 2 senators’ offices. End with rally during rush hour. 6P meet at atrium to finalize plans.
-J21 (or later): occupy museum
Social media flash mob.  Will be in solidarity with the struggle with Egypt. Will be an indoor action. 20 minute performance. Budget will be $700. Conversation with the art community in NY. Proposal to get DA endorsement. Consensus.

-Solidarity squads (Occupy Edmonton Canada)
Explained idea; to be worked on in breakout group tomorrow.

-Glitter bombs
Explained idea.

-Occupy LA call for May Day
May Day General Strike.West coast occupations are calling for it and East coast needs to join in. Much discussion. Modified proposal: for people interested to have the go-ahead to start talking with labor& immigrant WGs, other occupations, workshopping; actual call would go out later. Consensus.

-Solidarity with Muslim community in Queens in response to the attacks on the mosques last night.

-J20 action. Occupy Courts. Multiple actions in Federal Courthouses. Action in Albany.

-MLK day actions. 1/15 action call for worldwide candlelight vigil. 1/16 actions Reclaim the Dream march and Occupy the Dream with Cornell West. 7P meeting today.

-Debrief for new years eve
Comrades happy about turnout and participation.
Criticism about march taking people out of park. Always watch out for your comrades in a march. More action training. No clear goals for the night.


⁃    J13, Countdown for economic justice, including Goldman Sachs, an action on the 13th of every month focusing on the financial sector.
⁃    J13&14, Occupy Scranton would like to have people come.
⁃    J17, 8am: The Line, group organizing 5000 person unemployment line from bull to Times Square, giving out “pink slips”.
⁃    J17 Occupy Congress, national GA in DC
⁃    J21 glbal day to support egyptian rev. meet at 1933 bath ave brooklyn 6pm meeting tomorrow
⁃    Weekly conference call on sunday to talk with DA in other cities.
⁃    Start an environmental group within DA. Possible breakout groups
⁃    GA last night was evicted, police called; need people to turn out Tuesday.
⁃    on Thursday we’ll work on agenda for Sunday’s  DA strategy meeting.
⁃    Occupy inspiration, meeting daily at 5:30, fill Liberty with culture.
⁃    Info is back in Liberty Square. Noon – 5pm .


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