DAWG Meeting Minutes – 01/04/12

Agenda items


Proposal to produce a series of tenting-themed visuals for distribution here and outside NYC. Tenting is symbolizes the occupy movement and liberation of space.Proposal to ask GA for $1200 for printing & materials.
•    Wants to plug stickers into street art traveling world.
•    tenting kits ($1 each to produce)
•    100 art tents with lighting

•    website for tenting.
Clarifying questions
Q Could this be something that would be phased over time using our daily budget?
This could be cut in half or so but I think this is where we are at.
Q could you talk about how the message is completed so people know what it is about
Our goal is not to create tents everywhere.  It seems tents are associated with the occupy movement and its something to reference with OWS.
Q Will there be a website on the sticker?
– the 3D things and where they are made and the waste they produce
– people don’t get it
– tight on money
Responses: they are made of paper and some are from found and thrift store materials  To some extent there is no way to get around waste (things like the sticker backs) but it’s very DIY.
Friendly Amendments
Suggested donation per “kit”; consider a kickstarter.
Do in phases starting with $ 500-600 (not accepted).
Result: proposer will bring this back, bring some materials and consider making a kick-starter.

J21 day of action. The election will be J25 but they want the action before to say we are watching. March to the Egyptian mission.  We don’t have to do anything but be there.  This is not an org it’s a group of people.  There will be an attempt to get permits. Proposal that DA adopt this as an action of DA.

Process for setting the facilitator
Pick a facilitator at the end of the previous meeting, and if it’s a new person to pick an experienced person to help them.  The purpose would be to enable a broader group of people to facilitate by allowing time for less experienced facilitators to prepare.
-That people won’t show up the next day and we’ll be left with a void
– That due to alternating 2pm and 5:30 pm starts, people who have day jobs can never facilitate
Proposer thinks concerns are serious, will think about it and bring it back

DA presence at spokes councils (discussion)
Often there is only one person from DA. Proposer would like to have a commitment from DA to try and make spokes councils.
The church that hosts the spokes is where some people stay so maybe that can solve this.
There is a lukewarm feeling about spokes council but now is the time set the example and try and make this work.
A bigger problem is the movement having too many meetings for too long.
Have more regular report backs and get people excited about it.
Make a reminder about it each day.

There is an expectation to do something cool on 17th of each month. (Some ideas suggested)
(interruption by angry neighbor of Zuccotti)
There is something big happening in DC (Occupy Congress)
MLK day on the 16th there will be a large number of people will be in front of the Fed here in NYC.

Recap of J2 action (press conference, people’s mic at state senators’ offices, Rock Ctr and Grand Central)
Followup ideas:
– Do subway canvassing on this issue, with zine or flyer Discussion (pros and cons) of people’s mic during rush hour. POI: Outreach does subway canvassing with Occupied WSJs as well as promoting actions; DA can work with them.
– Go to CBOs to get the word out

All-NYC spokes, possibly including CBOs
Discussion of principle and info sharing on what is being done by various sub-groups.

J13: Countdown to economic justice
DOJ report describing Goldman Sachs responsibility for the housing market meltdown was presented April 13 2011; nothing has yet been done. Proposer would like DA to take on as an official action, a countdown for every day that nothing is done about this injustice.  That should start on J13, and continue and have events on the 13th of each month.  Action possibilities: squids, whistles to blow, lady justice. Rough budget estimate $300.
-Things are missing and we need to work on it more.
– if we don’t endorse now it won’t happen.
Friendly Amendments
Separate the budget from endorsement until we know more.
Result: tomorrow (J5) there will be a breakout to get more details nailed down.

Proposal to change time of tomorrow’s (J5) meeting due to conflicting meeting for some DA members
Result: time not changed

– We need people for jail support today
– request for help improving situation at a Bronx shelter. Attendees can talk further with requester after the meeting.
– J11, 2pm: Feminist bloc meeting at 16 Beaver.
– J15&16 MLK day. J15 7pm, Candle light vigil; J16, 9am, African Burial Ground, reclaim MLK; J16, 1pm, Liberty Plaza, Occupy 4 Jobs
– J19 CWA march. Breakout tomorrow (J5)

Facilitator feedback
We had a disruptor in part of this meeting; some discussion on how we handle dissenting/unpopular voices without sabotaging meeting or alienating people who don’t know “lingo” or hand signals. Greeters as part of facilitation team could help (theoretically already part of our process but we forget).
We could help discussions by facilitation team closing stack(s) sooner and re-opening if needed.

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