DAWG Meeting Minutes 01/05/12

Introduction of Greeter role into the group
~the role of the greeter will be to talk to people who are either late to a meeting or unfamiliar with the group process
~for example, when a greeter sees that someone is asking a question that has already been answered, they will approach the person and talk to them individually so we don’t all have to spend time on a subject that has already been covered
~the greeter also reminds people of certain rules

Breakout Group Discussions

J20 Occupy the Courts & Citizens United
~Planning meeting tomorrow (J6) at 5pm in the Atrium

J11 Occupy Nigeria Solidarity Action
~Nationwide event
~to support strike in Nigeria

May 1st Coalition
~renamed General Strike Committe
~will be meeting wednesdays at 5:30 and saturdays at 1pm
~location TBA
~want more union support/involvement
~event on #J14 at 6 to help Victor Toro, a lawful immigrant in danger of being deported for being an activist

~tackling racism as an important issue
~on #J16 @4pm we will be occupying a conference at the Madison Square Garden (possible link ups with other actions)
~rally on #J19 at 6pm in Brooklyn

Re-Occupy the Park
~we want to use culture and food in order to do this
~we want to support all other activities by initially gathering at the park, when possible
~anyone interested should contact Eric at eric2light@gmail.com

Radical Art Group
~talked about possible messages and imagery
~meeting Saturday at 5 in the Atrium

~silent disco occuring

J17 Occupy Congress
~targets Republicans (bullshit)
~people are attending to make sure Democrats are also held responsible


Proposal to Amend GA Blocking Protocol
~concern over abusing right to block
~under this amendment, people would have to be filmed while talking about why they’re strongly opposed to what is being proposed at GA; the film would be uploaded online
~one individual was concerned about the safety of those who wish to block

F14 Break-up with Banks

J 11, 2nd Feminist D.A. subgroup
~@16 Beaver

J6, Livestreaming on Bloomberg’s street/ Cameras really important for the action

People will be going to Albany and D.C. to talk to legislators

J21, Laundry Workers
~rally on 64th street

Flash Mob last night in subway about NDAA
~conversational aspect made it very effective
~individual who was arrested said it went great

~we get shit done
~this group is awesome & let’s keep rocking
~great job, facilitators were great
~signs should be passed around for each group from now on
~one individual from another city said she was very impressed by how organized the process was
~facilitators shouldn’t be too involved in the discussion, it is best if they stay neutral and just facilitate
~don’t leave if you are facilitating
~share this info to other groups
~Spokes Council was functional last night (horray!)
~we need to show up to Spokes Council from now on if we want to make it as sucessful as it was last night
~keep time

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