DAWG Meeting Minutes – 01/13/12

Report Backs

1.    Sunday visioning meeting report back.
2.    Ending Bank of America meetings are progressing. Interest is growing.


Proposal for setting Sunday’s agenda. Saturday 1pm meeting. Announce it through the email list. Friendly amendment. Whoever is at the Satuday meeting send out emails about the agenda.  Concerns about having meeting in Manhattan. Will have four Sunday meetings followed by a debrief on the fifth Sunday; group will wait to re-evaluate structure and process until then.

April 1st action. Create non-violent direct actions for April Fools Day. Concerns about call for a national day of action on April 1st. No consensus at this time.

National call for May 1-7. Global call for reoccupation. Concerns about too many different groups being involved with reoccupation calls. No consensus at this time. Suggestion to coordinate with Picture The Homeless.

May 15 – global call. Take the square call in Spain. No consensus at this time. Suggestion to bring this to the larger vision and goals session on Sunday.

Discussion for dates of reoccupation. Survey being passed around.

Having an action in response to a contempt of court charge against Mayor Bloomberg. Legal group is working on it. Points of info: three other actions on the 17th. Suggestion to proposer to bring idea to breakout on Tues.

Announcements :

J13: Community gathering tonight, 23rd St. Also, meeting for reoccupation at 4pm.

J14, noon-3pm: Call for showing solidarity with Nigeria. Nigeria is going through major financial issues. Tomorrow  is a protest in front of the UN. 18000 protesters in Nigeria were arrested and then released thanks to sympathetic attorneys.

J16, 3:30pm:  CWA march and rally at Madison Square Garden. Rev Al Sharpton will be present.
J19, 5pm: CWA march & rally in Brooklyn, E. 96th st and Ave D rally in front of Cablevision garage. At 4pm a bus will be available to take people from Liberty Square to the events.

J17 , noon March at 12p from Red Cube to Wall street to Brooklyn Bridge.

F3, Occupy Metropolitan Museum of  Art, Egyptian solidarity piece. Need only 2 rehearsals per participant. Tonight rehearsal at 5pm for this event.

Facilitation feedback :

1.    Introduce people new to DA with the process so they are better informed.
2.    Have a greeter at every meeting.
3.    Don’t discourage others on their ideas for actions. Keep it positive.
4.    Go to DA orientations/make sure orientations keep happening.

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