DAWG Meeting Minutes – 01/24/12

– Because this was a small meeting, instead of splitting into breakout groups we just took every proposed breakout group as an agenda point and discussed it as a whole group.

1. Idiotarod – it’s a shopping cart race through the city happening this Saturday.  If you want to help organize a cart, contact christineoheron@gmail.com.

2. Valentine’s Day action targeting Bank of America for investing in climate destruction – the action is planned for Tuesday 2/14, tentatively 5pm, involves delivering mass quantities of construction paper “valentines” to a BoA location.  Help needed with participation and making the valentines with messaging about BoA’s role in environmental destruction.  Contact Pete from the Environmental Solidarity Working Group – owseswg@gmail.com.

Also mentioned: Eco Summit – for any activists interested in environmental justice work (climate, food, anything) through OWS – 2pm this Saturday at Judson Church

3. Road trip – Sandy asked for suggestions of things to discuss/get feedback on from other Occupys
– Hearing about other Occupys’ plans for May Day was mentioned
– Sandy will send out contact email to reach people on the road trip

4. Action vs. Chase Bank in solidarity with Occupy Atlanta
– Occupy Atlanta is trying to stop a local family from getting kicked out of their home by Chase bank.  A member of the family took out a loan to help her church when it was in financial distress; it was a predatory loan and now the family can’t pay.  Chase’s “compromise offer” is that they can write off the loan in exchange for $2500 and the family’s house.
– Discussion of action targeting Jaime Diamond on Friday; small group is working on this and will bring more developed plan to future meeting.

5. The Line – action March 6 to create massive “unemployment line” of people holding pink slips stretching from the Bull to Times Square.
– Action is from 8:14-8:28 am, 14 minutes representing 14 million unemployed people in US
– Participants should arrive at staging points by 8am to get pink slips
– Looking for participants and line managers to organize a block of people
– For more info contact yanaland@yahoo.com or visit http://theline2012.wordpress.com

6. Action being organized by Food Justice working group in solidarity with farmers who have a lawsuit against Monsanto – rally 9am on 1/31 at Foley Square
– Looking for people to come to rally
– Want positive atmosphere that will be helpful/show support to folks involved in lawsuit – not just anti-Monsanto, but pro-good-food messages
– For more info contact owsfood@gmail.com

7. Proposal for new DA meeting schedule – CJ
– We have too many meetings!
– Proposed new schedule: M, W 2-4, Th 5:30-7:30, Sun 12-4 (cut one of each type of weekday meeting)
– Friendly amendment: more scheduled time for announcements, so “breakout groups” that are really just announcements of already-planned actions can be heard
– PASSED, no blocks, no stand-asides
– Effective immediately! (meaning no meeting this Friday)


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