DAWG Meeting Minutes – 01/30/12

January 30, 2012
Start:  2:10 PM
End:  4:00 PM
Regular meeting
Agenda items
     Debrief of Solidarity Sunday March (Oakland March J29)
     May Day mapmaking
     Advanced Street Tactics training
     May Day planning
     Jail Support
     Everyone went around to state their name, pro-noun (identifier), and how they feel about yesterday’s march (J29 Solidarity March).
May Day Reportbacks
     A group has been meeting separately to discuss the organization of May Day (May 1st) General Strike and finalized language on Saturday consensus was reached regarding the language (read aloud at today).
     At the Sunday DA meeting people shared ideas about what they envisioned the day should look like.
     There are currently ideas for a May 1st coalition rally at noon in Union Square and the basic plan is to hold a could of larger meetings and an evening march.
C.C.  Is there anyone organizing for participation with Chicago’s call for a month long strike possibly launching off on May 1st?
Facilitator and person who reported respond:  There is a larger question of if Chicago is endorsing the call to action from Adbusters.
      2 subgroups in May Day 2012
           1.  Kicking Ass (Action)
           2.  Taking Names (Outreach)
      Mention of lead-up actions
May Day planning group meets from 6:30 – 8:30 PM on Wednesday at Local 340, 33 W 14th St. and Saturday 1:00 – 3:00 PM (or maybe later?) at Judson church
P.O.I. – in yesterday’s DA mtg the group decided that May Day 2012 would be the focus of this group’s meetings in the coming months.
            2 tasks – escalation calendar and mapping
We need outreach to the general public and to other working groups (some other WGs involved, but not all – Desperately need outreach!)
Facilitator – We’re now at time.  To sum up, we have two groups (Kicking Ass/ Taking Names).  Maybe we should talk about the Mapmaking portion of the agenda.  Temp check on taking straw pole on two items (mapmaking and escalation calendar).  A fair number or people want to work on both.  How do we feel about setting time aside at the end of the meeting to breakout and discuss?  (twinkle fingers up)
5 Minutes to shout out ideas for escalation calendar May Day related events
     -Localized community actions
     -Shut down stock exchange in the morning
     -Shut down 34th St./ 42nd St.
     -Break up with your bank day
     -Kiss ins Feb. 14th. or “Have you kissed a union worker today?”
     -Engage PR – posters/ Facebook/ Announcements etc.
     -Use DA trainings and outreach to make people feel comfortable
     -How do we connect with people and plug May Day?  Can we have minimal risk actions?
     -Part of escalation campaign
             Teachers’ actions
             Transit Workers’ actions
     -Boycott shopping and disrupt retail spaces
     -Connection w/ other Occupies and Inter-Occupy calls
     -Outreach – simple statement for why we are striking (why we are calling a strike) and why it is historically and socially important
Chicago (Added Agenda Item)
     There is a call for 50,000 people in Chicago on May 1st put out in Adbusters.
     May 16th is the G8 Summit – would it be possible to mobilize people from NY and would it be possible to send extra medics?
     Discussion of LRAD (long-range acoustic device) and that it may be used at this event
Facilitator – Let’s open stack on this agenda item.
      -Individual states they have researched communication between Occupy and Adbusters (controversial issue raised about Adbusters calling for people without consulting Occupy Chicago)
      -How would OWS mobilize people?
C.C. Has Chicago made a statement in response to the ad?
Response – A press release was published.
      -Concerns raised about new laws in Chicago “Sit down and shut up” ordinance passed, illegal to videotape a police officer, 2nd highest number of security cameras outside of London.
Facilitation – We have four more people on stack for this agenda item…
     -People are going to go out, but maybe not all on May 1st.
     -Chicago is the home of Hay Market and maybe we could develop framing of a cultural excursion of beginning of Anarchist movement
     -We should be mindful of visiting other cities and our affect on their communities and citizens.
     -There is a Coalition against NATO and the G8 Summit that was formed before Occupy Chicago who is working on permitted actions during that week.  This is also the first time in 20 years that NATO and G8 meeting is at the same time/ same place
Jail Support
     No one was out about an hour ago.  Three individuals were not found in the system and people had not heard from them.  Has anyone heard anything?
Debrief on J29 Solidarity with Oakland march
-Good energy/ positive
-No culminating focus
-frustration w/ role and people did not go into the streets
-Cool and fun, especially singing
-confusion – no destinations?  1/2 of the people went down one street then the other 1/2 went the other way, then some people left?  Disorganized.
-Good that DA worked together on one action.  Now we need to apply tactics!
-Why are all the people up front men?  Scouts were helpful.  Need outreach to mobilize people to march!
-Moving too fast and people were only in the streets for 10 minutes.
-Frustrated and disappointed that we didn’t take to the streets.  Some people who are usually badass were on the Occutrip :(  There were participants who were pointing out people to be arrested – Unacceptable!
-Frustrated pacers
-We need to introduce ourselves to the people around us and build community with the people who we are marching with directly around us.
-Would have been easy for cops to kettle us in on certain smaller side streets.
-march too fast and uncoordinated
-message unclear to outsiders – We need clear chants and signs and outreach
-organized last minute.  Pace should be set w/ a banner at the front (or flags)
-Fun!  De-arrested people and found shields (maybe we can make some more of these shields)
-Have a buddy!  Good sharing of water and food.
-Can we call people out?  People who should not be leading?
-Can we get info on people before we attack them?
-Flashmob/ Moccupy = example of last minute planning and positive media
-Excited and psyched, then tired.  Antagonism is a result of not having an outlet for energy.
-Huge problem when groups split – volunteers who lead rather than DA “leaders” of march
14 minute stack on debrief
1.  There was no culmination of march – in other countries we witness dancing etc.
2.  Invest in radios?  pre-paid cell phones for coordination
3.  Invest time in creating culture to take to the streets/ info sharing
4.  We need clear chants and signs.  Should we assign chant leaders?
     To address concern that there was a pro-cop sentiment – maybe it is because there are new participants who haven’t experienced police brutality personally?
5.  We need to take steps to address concerns.
6.  DA 101 – teach-in and training for participation in events
7.  Inform people that there are people leading the march
8.  Let’s have our shit together!  What if we had a DA stash of banner(s), posters, chant sheets, and flyers for outreach?  How do we prevent march takeover?  Hosting a workshop on Friday (time/place TBA).
9.  Didn’t channel energy – How do we pull people into the streets or let them know the seriousness of the action?  We thought that the language was clear – ?
     How do we deal with snitches?
10.  Banner made for streets, but too wide for the sidewalk!
11. Gain trust from OWS by showing we are organized and doing outreach (ex:  go to churches and ask them to help make banners/ sign for the march).
12.  Leaders of march should carry a banner.  Can we reach out do the drummers (answer – we did.  They kind of didn’t respond).
1.  Organizer in DC call for people for massive actions
2.  Might go to Spokes to talk about May Day
3.  Monsanto court action rally in Foley Sq. at 9:30 AM tomorrow (Tuesday).
4.  School organizing walkout at 2:00 and rally at Union Sq., then march back to the school at 6:00 PM (All welcome)
5.  DA 101
6.  May Day history – call for info and graphic designs
End of Meeting – 4:00 PM
Breakout groups on Escalation Calendar and Mapmaking for May Day


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