DAWG Meeting Minutes – 02/02/12

DA Meeting Minutes Thursday February 2, 2012 1730 Breakouts Meeting


Names, Preferred Pronouns, Spirit Vegetable


Report Backs:


-Oakland last weekend, SF weekend before; few lessons learned: 1) wildcat marches: kettled in residential square, very scary moment, casually tossing stun grenades and tear gas.  Really pissed at person who led march into vulnerable area.  Just before kettle before YMCA, police made clear decision to attack march after dwindling to manageable number, that was a good time to disperse.  2) movein: disappointing, no contingency plan, really need to execute.


-facilitation WG meeting: would love to coordinate around mayday GA conversation


-union square Egyptian solidarity protest happening now, check it out!


-first leg of road trip: 2 days providence, 4 days boston. Prov is having a hard time staying organized, dwindled due to patriarchy, sexism, racism.  Sorting out how to bridge broken relationships. Boston very different, huge conversation w/ DA there sharing action experiences, they have weekly action assembly w breakout groups, many mini-occs, totally into mayday general strike, lots of interest in regional action network, Oakland solidarity action in boston as well, City Life is pretty cool CBO. Will have more detailed reportback conversation.


-tech ops want to work with DA to discuss security measures, better march planning, meetings Wednesdays & Sundays 6pm at 60 wall st.  Maybe you should have a breakout group?


-mayday: awesome meeting, getting progressively more efficient, consensed on language, 8-10 outreach clusters, 6-8 internal clusters, room for need for help!


-danny chen: POCDA/POC: finished 1/18 hearing, key charge of manslaughter recommended dropped, other guys involved are getting off easier, family very upset. Combine issue of mcfearson family, so OWS could lead combination (w/ family consent) could change culture in the military… need to go talk to family.


Breakout Groups:


-Random Autonomous Action

getting 15 bikes repaired for bike swarm

-Occupy Slumber Party

-Occupy Breast Cancer Fund

-Solidarity w/ European Anti-Capitalist Actions March 31

talked about possible targets

-Political Theatre Action group

got filmer with HD camera, will not be transparent, please see jason

-Plan Sunday’s Agenda

spend bulk of time talking about mayday,

debrief from last 4-week visioning program

no location yet

-Occupy a Space?

Got a plan, will report back next week, talk to navi for more info

-Feb 14th Kiss-In

some interest, wants to go forward, need people, might look for consensus later


Agenda items:


-are we having fewer meetings (been away for a bit)? Yes, now meeting 4 times a week, m/w/th/su, nycga.net is updated


-press is restructuring, maybe create a radical messaging group, to help shape action narrative; what do we want this to look like?

Would this be a press or DA subgroup?

Haven’t gotten into much detail yet, PR puts forward press releases, talks to journalists,occupywallst.org, but this could be a duel subgroup for honing lens, getting action message well-worded, getting narrative across, folks work together to make narrative shine.

Just wondering, maybe it’s more prudent for having radical DA ppl getting involved with PR directly?

Conversation in PR is happening, PR is a diverse group, did come to conclusion that it isn’t up to PR to make a large movement decision. Everyone who wants to join is welcome to, especially to represent the radical perspective.  Need more radical ideology spoken to the press.

This group in any form will be great. The Oakland commune changed the frame of the entire occupation campaign, and is a good example of powerful radical messaging.

Is Radical necessarily violent messaging?

Radical thought is outside the traditional political methods of making change. Radical nonviolence is a revolutionary idea.


-brought to attention that gay pride parade is in june, maybe we should do a bit of preparation?

Trans/queer DA subgroup is meeting for first time, tomorrow @ 5 in Brooklyn (ask Amelia for location).

Spoke to organizers, they look forward to having us there, its not even about sexual orientation necessarily.

We should do something about commodification of gay culture perhaps.

To comment, lets not just jump on parade, but there is a permit, perhaps we could show some numbers and have visibility in a big parade.

Makes sense as a breakout, new Yorkers might be best for planning.

We could be doing research, lets be playful, do some theatre.

Highly encourage people to talk to native NYers about getting involved.

TQDA In touch with CBOs, can talk to them about getting involved.


-Valentine’s day is coming up, with environmental solidarity, should be a public event around 12pm, would like to have a covert action. (RAN had automated truth machine).

Lets be mindful of the space we’re in, and what  we talk about here.

We had a breakout group for kiss-in action, lets talk about this together after!

You are all an inspiration to me, lets show up to the park, talk more later.





-call a few days ago from editor of Covert Action Quarterly, this man is clearing out storage space, OWS might want a whole set of these prints.

-made small announcement at GA other day, we had issue with NLG lawyers present for arraignments on Saturday/Sunday. While we felt we might wear out the police, but our legal resources are wearing out, so one person went to raikers. Keep in mind, you might not always have an NLG lawyer, especially for autonomous actions.

-occupy DC: back in October, we asked for solidarity for an action for many actions to come together in DC in spring, its on agenda for tonight at GA.

-free Leonard peltier action tomorrow

-shutting it down training tomorrow with lisa fythian 12pm 256 w. 38th st. 12th floor

-us is ramping up for war with iran, come out on noon Saturday 47&broadway, marching on UN & Israeli consulate. (pro green revolution 47&7)

-mayday Saturday 530 judson

-trans/queer da @ chris’s house

-advanced DA workshop this Sunday 5-9; unarresting, taking streets, tactics & goals, strategics, role-playing, bring some food: 55 bethune st. & west high, west beth community room, great space.

-ows orientations happening with outreach/volunteer servies, 60 wall every Saturday @ noon

-portland’s call feb 29th lets talk about that next time!


Facilitator feedback:


-Thanks, you hold fine line b/w firm and open and clear, you have great energy, gentle calm bubbles.

-just like your voice mark!

-we don’t necessarily need to use all the time we have allotted. Silence isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

-I like how people check each other on security in these meetings.

-we did drop our other breakout day, most people went to planning Sundays meeting, most breakout groups were poorly attended, might be hurting the idea of breakout groups. Just something I noticed.

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