DAWG Meeting Minutes -02/01/12


Occupy newsflash at Grand Central. 2 people arrested; need agreed-upon ending

Monsanto at Foley Square. Went great, little police presence

Tax Dodgers at Rockefeller Ctr. Went well, police were cooperative



Protest Queens courts. Mother losing a fight over her son. Judge favors men and mother needs support. Asking for people to come to court or protest outside. Feb2, 9:30am-4pm, 8811 Supter (sp?) blvd. More info, libbyrenner@aol.com; 646-209-8914.

Bail money and process. “Ellis” is stuck in Rikers with no set bail; raised at Spokes as emergency item but not settled. Who does OWS bail out? Need to make a proposal and make it more clear. What is the fiscal responsibility/accountability if someone jumps bail. People who want to draft this proposal, contact Diego.

Occupy Oakland. Mayor Quan is going to ask occupy members to distance themselves from Occupy Oakland. We should make a solidarity statement. We can go thru DA, or GA, or other towns or even individuals. Breakout group drafting a statement.

May Day escalation calendar. Popcorn of ideas:

– Feb 14, break up with your bank
– European call for anti-capitalist action March 31.
– 6 month anniversary of poverty/homelessness action
– interrupt Philharmonic because of minimum wage “boilerroom” of fund raisers
– Huge pop-up occupation on March 17
– City-wide assembly possibly on March 17 or April 15 but decision not made yet
– You tube action from Jason
– Grand Central mic checks work
– MTA actions
– Occupy slumber party where we have games, stuffed animals, 3 different parks
– Occupy federal land if judge’s ruling on DC goes through
– Focus on 1% of both corporations and state
– Solidarity actions to build with other groups
– Learn where we can put up posters without getting fucked with

Mapping for May Day. Popcorn of ideas:

–       Probably doing at breakout cluster tonight (May Day meeting)
–       Where do the 1% work, where do they live, who are they
–       Let’s have scouting dates
–       What are good areas to block the flow of business
–       Restaurants & stores that only rich people can go to
–       Mapping areas of disruption and areas of involvement
–       Wheat pasting corporate “wanted” posters with their salaries and where they work
–       Time Warner ctr to target media, 1%, and tourists who come by Columbus Circle
–       We don’t need to shut down just one place. We should find ways to use less people to shut down more.
–       Target places with environmental and human rights violations and flyer workers before May 1.
–       X-Bronx Expressway to shut down pollutions from emissions
–       Finance industry, to bring it back to our original message
–       Broadway/Times Square, as tkts are so expensive
–       Meeting is tonight (Feb 1), 6:30-8pm, 33 W 14th St, basement


Feb 2&3: Protest at court in Queens); see agenda item.

Feb 3, 3pm: Protest islamaphobia of NYPD, Foley Sq

Feb 3, 4:30pm: Street theatre bloc rehearsal Friday, Living Theatre, 21 Clinton St

Feb4, 1pm: protest against aggression against Iran. 46th & 7th Ave

Feb4, 5pm: HRC protest Waldorf Astoria, 50th & Park

Feb 5, 5pm: advanced street tactics training, 55 Bethune St

Feb9, 5pm: panel for educational policy, to try and shut it down. Follow tactical lead of teachers who will be there. Brooklyn Tech HS, 29 Fort Greene Pl.

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