DAWG Meeting Minutes – 02/08/12

Change in Meeting Schedule

· Concerns about a few people making decision for larger group when not many present

· Concerns that not enough effort will be put into escalation calendar

· Desire to reevaluate restructuring—want to bring it up again on Thursday and Sunday or table it to discuss once people are back from roadtrip

· Previously on Thursdays the agenda for Sunday would be decided but it seems that the agenda for Sunday meetings is not being made through that process

· Proposal: we table discussion of change in schedule until beginning of March when everyone will be back

o Friendly amendment—telecommunicate with people on roadtrip

§ Concern—last meeting reached consensus already…sets bad precedent

§ Concern—march 1 is late

o From last meeting: reason for shrinking attendance at meetings is in part because of May Day meetings…consensed on putting all our efforts into May Day…would be redundant to do it also outside of May Day meetings

o Proposal withdrawn after hearing concerns

· Proposal: have someone here at old times to let people know about change in meeting times

o Someone should update schedule on website

o Concern: who will do it?

o Concern: not necessary

§ Maybe just do a text blast about changes?

o Proposal withdrawn


· Tech working on database with multiple levels

· Create database of allies

· Need administrators for this

o Now this is tech and outreach working on this but DA is important with this

o Get PR involved

· If anyone one wants to help get involved!!!

Action at Syrian Embassy/action in Solidarity with Egypt

· Idea to keep constant presence in front of Syrian consulate; start one night, rotate

o Idea to get people to take shifts

o Idea to get occupy town square to go to consulate on Saturday

· Concern that having only a few people there looks bad, let’s have a big action

· Idea to do something in solidarity with Egypt strike coming up on Saturday

o We can do both! Have a big action and continual presence

· We could do a big thing for Feb 17

· Idea of doing a march after every occupy town square

· Idea of doing a mic check action about the issue

· Proposal: workshop something for the 17 th another day; maybe mic check action after town square?

· Proposal: Friday night vigil in front of Syrian consulate; Saturday after town square do something too in solidarity

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