DAWG Meeting Minutes – 03/27/12

DAWG NOTES 3-27-12

start @ 5:45pm


report backs – madeline’s out of jail!!!! <3

breakouts (15 minutes)

  1. occupy student debt – winter
  2. spring training – zak
  1. act up april 25th – ?
  2. rap battle -shawn/austin


report backs:

  1. student debt: 4pm at Union Square; want a tactics training during action; want to have a mock celebration to revel in student debt, want people to come in character as bankers or debtors; going to be a theatrical action; leading up to May Day; need support and collab from DAWG; civil disobedience included!; if you want to be a contact person; want to get on escalation calendar
  2. spring training: Debrief about last weeks march, things that worked well/didn’t; talked about tactics we want to use to get to wall street; going to have another breakout to flesh shit out & build pacer team after DA meeting.
  3. act up: healthcare for the 99% planning a 25th anniversary celebration, a march beginning at city hall @ 11am focusing on mayors budget proposals and what it means for people living with HIV/AIDS, marching to fed reserve bank to demand enactment for transaction tax; want to engage with OWS working groups; interested in getting tactical trainings – come to healthcare for the 99% meeting; want to get on escalation calendar; have solid legal support; brainstorming outreach tactics; talked about having contingents within march; healthcare meetings sundays @ 4pm at 60 wall/ (meeting in brooklyn this sunday, 5pm @ cadmen plaza) act up meetings mondays @ 7pm 208 w 13th street.
  4. rap battle: theres going to be a rap battle; talib kweli realistically maybe coming; WBAI will be broadcasting;comrades can rap, dance, or sing their grievances to the cops @ UNION SQUARE barricades; flyering everyday @ union sq and want to flyer in outer boroughs.


agenda topics:

  1. Union Square organizing an escalation-USQ has been one of the greatest escalation and outreach efforts this spring

    -poorly emphasized and organized, not many are committed to doing work! Not too many experienced organized there

    -no working groups, central meetings, no infrastructure

    -7AM thursday-coordinators meeting over breakfast @ USQ

    -eviction theater every night, awesome opportunity for training

    -lots of potential at USQ, direct action happens every single night!

    -can benefit form programming, something happening in that space – not just centered around the cops

-more strategy and attention needed

-lots of shit can go on during the day, in terms of outreach and working space & culture.

-night time conflict should be ignored, there is no way right now to hold space and directly addressing the police state is a tired attempt

-police’s response to anything OWS related has been way inflated: maybe four different parks with small amounts of people to spread the cops thin or actually create a safe space to sleep

-can’t really build power from below and create a community in a space that we keep getting kicked out of violently every night

-if you go to @occupywallst twitter you can find active livestream

-people getting attached to staying there, it feels disempowering to stay there and wait to get kicked out

-need more discussion on logic of staying there instead of fighting losing battle

-don’t think of it as a town/community, but a media focal point/outreach tool

-don’t feel invested into it because there is no GA there (can heal the GA there), or horizontal decision making tool

-POI: mtg at 5pm on thursday to talk about GA

-something needs to happen, something needs to fill the space, besides fighting/goading the cops, violence, arrests, etc

-POI: there are other spaces to talk about Re-Occ, May Day action cluster meets @ 5pm on wednesdays @ 33 W 14th Street; affinity spokes are sundays @ 7pm @ 50 e 7th street; may day coordination spokes on weds @ 6:30pm @ 33 w 14th street

  1. 8am action on May Day-pickets outside different targets, different CBOs, unions can pick a corporate target of choice that are relevant to their struggle.

    -planning for last year, May 12th, took a couple of months :(

    -to get in touch with may day send an email to mayday@nycga.net

  2. Escalation Calendar

-1T day: is lead up because our campaign has been an attempt to build for a student debt strike and this day is a continuation in that effort to not pay student loans, also is a day to reach out to students and recent graduates and plug them into organizing and activating for may day.

>Q: will you hand out flyers to may day at this action? A: yes

>Q: what is the criteria for escalation calendar? A: anything within your capacity to build to may day, themes in actions, logistical shit like flyering about may day, announcing it, attending may day together afterwards, etc

TEMPT CHECK ON 1T: all up twinkles!



-Anna: here on behalf of answer coalition. Organizing mtg on saturday to continue movement with trayvon martin march, saturday @ Noon

-Jen: some who were arrested and put on an MTA bus on 17th are going to MTA hearing to get up and say ”you assholes gave yr bus to the NYPD to arrest us, we stand with TWU, etc” toMORROW @ 830 at 347 Madison in midtown.

-Chris: May 15th indignatos called for global strike, we should get ready for this after may day!

-Josh: mondays wednesday and saturdays @ 2pm @ union square coordinators mtgs

-Austin: Video action squad, making 3 videos: 1) rap battle 2) sick with capitalism? Try may day prescription 3) relay race run on the banks. Tuesdays @ 1 PM @ Union Square

-Shawn: Da-subscribe@lists.occupy.netmayday-subscribe@lists.occupy.net; may day text loop “@OWSMayDay” to 23559; MayDayNYC.org

-Winter: occ univ open forums are next four sundays moved to union square! 12-2pm!

-Zack: How do we kill capitalism? March 31st @ 1 pm @ USQ

-Ari: Action Spokescouncils on Sundays ’till May 1st at 7pm @ 50 E 7th Street (Middle Collegiate Church)

-Becky: Street medic training, 20hours, talk to Becky!


Is DA meeting at USQ next meeting? Tuesday @ USQ and Sunday @ Lib Sq. If you got beef make a proposal on Sunday.

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