DAWG Meeting Minutes – 06/06/12

AGENDA: -SDS Communication Issues -Debt Strike as Action -Trinity Church-Duarte Square Arrestees -Stop and Frisk -Cuomo Action

-Cuomo is not supporting the minimum wage bill. An action was discussed involving taking 2 million dollars in fake money and going to his office to ‘bribe’ him like the casinos did to bring light to the fact that he is yet another politician who only responds to money. -Stop and Frisk will be having a silent march friday at 3pm to bloombergs house, many immigrant groups endorse it. It would be good for occupy to work with these groups. In working with other groups it would be great if Occupy respected the autonomy of those groups while working with them. -There is a project underway that involves story telling by those who have been victims of stop and frisk, this can reduce the shame involved. Also these stop and frisks are being mapped. -There will be block parties involving illuminators as outreach/ solidarity building among those who are victims as well as those fighting stop and frisk. -SDS Communication Issues-concerns were raised about the structure of SDS planning and communication and the need for more clarity around the step up, step back, and shadowing ideas. -Debt as a campaign. Last sunday was a great conversation with occupy theory, student debt, and everyone about bringing direct action against the problem of debt which ties together the vast majority of issues that occupy is standing against. It would be great if direct action became a part of this conversation as it has much to contribute. Debt strike as a means to bring down the top down power structures of capitalism while also building solidarity and mutual aid among the debt strikers. This has much potential.

-D17Arrests-Trinity. Monday June 11 is the court date for many of those arrested on D17. June 7 there will be a ‘Not Press Conference’ with Dan Barigan, Chris Hedges, etc. Sunday June 10th will be a picket at Trinity Church in the morning and for vespers in the evening. We should show up and pack the courts on June 11 in solidarity with our sisters and brothers. We need to phone, email, etc Trinity to put pressure on them.

Announcements: Thursday at 6pm in Washington Square an action will meet to go to an Obama fundraiser. Mapping Capitalism Project meets friday @ 6pm, 61 Broadway, 16th Floor. Protest in response to the police murder of Ramarly Graham on friday at noon on the east side of the park at City Hall Sunday at noon is the Debt-buildinga political movement meeting in washington square park.



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