DAWG Meeting Minutes – 12/27/2011

Break out groups and report backs

D31, New Years actions –
a) “Noise demos outside of jails and prisons”
b) Maybe we can get the bat signal to project OWS.
c) Silent dance party at subways after party. Proposal to the GA for budget, see below.

Ideas for solutions Jan 1st – big event at central park. Matching people up with like-minded individuals.

Mass occupation at Washington DC march 30th – Idea in motion: having a massive occupation @ Washington DC.  Jan 7-8th  to go over planning (indoor)

Jan 20 Nationwide occupy the courts see http://movetoamend.org/occupythecourts; also,
Jan 21st occupy corporations  –   Massive and iconic and would love advice. Please give us your emails.

Mid-Feb: Mobile Occupations, direct action and outreach – 1-day indoor “occupation”, “re-creation of what it was in the park”

May day – “we should start planning now” – Quick brainstorming. Quick things: abstract working towards a general strike for that day. Coordinate with labor and immigrant working group. Talking to outreach. One ask: immigrant rights contact.


Actions against Westchester corporate headquarters- including Pepsico (no report back)
Glitter bombs (no report back)
International solidarity actions (no report back)
Medical research underfunded, what to do (no report back)
 Agenda items

Silent Disco, ask for $10,000 in DA’s name. Deposit in the case that we lose any of 150 headphones, which cost $50 a piece.  $7500 will be returned if no headphones get lost.  $2500 for other costs– No consensus.

60 Wall closure, D28&29: we decided to meet at the Winter Garden today and tomorrow at our normal times. (Changed the info on NYCGA and sent email and text.)


D29, 5:30 pm, Unsettling Occupation at Irondale in Fort Greene, Bklyn; see info on NYCGA

D30, 6pm, Occupy SIGA

J8, 6 to 8pm, The Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave, Bklyn: Anti-capitalist activists organizing presentations and strategy discussion. More info:againstprofitnyc@gmail.com

J8, 11am-2pm: Organize from the Margins, location TBD

Every Tuesday, 7:30-8:30pm, 60 Wall: POC and DA collaboration meeting

Every day, 4pm, 60 Wall, folks organizing for future occupation.

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