DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 13, 2011

Louis J, you rock!!


D12 – march around Goldman Sachs- success, raging grannies, staged press conference happened. spur of the moment flash mob in the mall/Winter Garden – spiral dance led by Starhawk.. then police broke us up…

-17 PPL arrested

-Over 300 PPL present, up to 500?

-Press liked event, including Matt Taibi.

-VERY clear targeting of LiveStream

-“Squidding” is a meme!!!

-beautiful and play let us be there for longer/ creative


–  Occupy WalMart: No report-back

–  Occupy MET: p – 2 months from now there will be

–  Squidding – brainstorm about a viral way of going about it. letsgosquidding.org

–  New Years Eve- want an action, not a party… maybe something in Zucchotti, OR Times Square.


-Legal/Jail Support: – people may be arraigned tonite, if not people are going to central booking tomorrow (Wed) – people are at central booking. Number: (774-257-4657) (Update by end of mtg: peeps were going to be arraigned around 8pm, DA folks were heading over.)

-Police- how can subvert the police by befriending them? – people see the structure. oppressor is held up by pillars, one of which is the police. we probably cant use force, we need to infiltrate the police department… Identify a charity the police are at, befriend the police- then use that information (about precincts and names) to pretend to be a police officer,
Jerry has an action, – yesterday a cop was killed, a subversive action –
–  should we genuinely care about the cops OR not??

-Wall Mart: 100 years ago Kraft sold cheese at a marketplace, and Wall Mart owns marketplace, cant sell cheese – PLAN: trying to go into Wallmart to sell bread

– OR give it away. freestore? targeted information around that works.

-Sunday 18th 230-7- overall OWS Movement Conversation, Dec 18th @ Pace University, a visioning meeting  – NO DA SPOKES COUNCIL

–  organized by Movement Building, an attempt to bring everyone together

–  different ways of getting this information out (text loop, email, ..)

–  how do DA announcements go out? rotating moderator who handles announcements

–  concern: sunday’s meetings are used to set times for future meetings..is there a way we can do that without having DA spokes council. –yes, there is – at the pace meeting.

–  friendly amendment: before the pace meeting, have time to hear announcements.

–  test for consensus, yes.. consensus achieved!

–  New Year’s Eve action?

–  pre-party, new years resolution thing around 9pm

–  converge around times square, party

–  how do we want to approach this? – got everyone

–  it should be a party, it should feel like a party

–  OWS might wanna colab W/ Times Up

Arrested- people arrested AT the Stock Exchanges  at lunch, grabbed people and thier equipment, and live – maybe we can have lunch with Wall St.

West Coast s with East Coast action

–  we can also focus on Goldman Sachs

–  we need outreach to take up responsibility.-

–  DA has become a centralized piece of the movement.


People met with Earth First anti-fracking people UPSTATE – OWS people were invited to come support them..

Closing Bank accounts – accumulate commitments from bankholders, which will influence banks in stopping foreclosure.   will be discussed

D12 PPL getting arraigned right now. might get out of jail.

Private Danny Chen- died abroad under misterious causes

Occupy Mexico City – is here !



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