DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 15, 2011


d17 update
artists support for occupation of 6th and canal, lot belongs to Trinity Real Estate “corporation”
saturday, 12.17.11
final meeting tonight

breakout groups

– community organizer from nyc – occupy the primaries. suggest OWS boycott both parties, clog party phone lines, etc in NH and elsewhere

– occupy museums – indoor action. occupy the metropolitan museum of art. 15 minute flash mob action.

– suggestion by Occupy Portland for a mass bike ride

– incorporate abbie hoffman into a small action

– D17

report backs from break out groups

– occupy primaries in NH; 1.10.12 ; challenges related ; work with Occupy New Hampshire ; talk about allies, aligning with labor unions.

– occupy museums ; sometime in Feb 2012

– bike swarm ; conversation about symbolism related to bicycles ; replace metro passes with bikes for occupiers ; talk for non-monetary donations ; bike protest is very symbolic ; google group related to Occupy Portland bike swarm action

– small group opportunities like street theater ; disrupt daily life with small actions

– D17 report back. meeting tonight.


– meeting on Sunday

this sunday at Pace Univ ; un conference ; strategy meeting for long term. meeting in lieu of DA meeting on sunday. 2.30p – 7p.

clarifying questions

open stack for discussion

suggestion for training on sunday for DA. suggestion for a DA101 class. should talk about direct action that is not related to confrontations with the police. content of training should be history of direct action. have seasoned direct action activists conduct training.

concern that the meeting will be too long on sunday and training may not be the right idea.

– proposal at GA tonight to disavow the “99% political party” who does not represent OWS.

– announcement for immigrant march – immigrants occupy

– DA use com system to announce action to POC

– bradley manning trial bus tour to Maryland

– 702 vermont east new york is still alive

– proposal for another subway-related direct action

——— debrief at the end of the meeting

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