DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 20, 2011

Breakout groups and reportbacks

  1. Caroling with lyrics about Fracking on Thursday, 5pm, Liberty Square
  2. DA feminist/empowerment, will break out at Thursday’s meeting
  3. “love thy neighbor”—gingerbread house with foreclosure signs (no reportback)
  4. 12/29 dialogue between OWS and native people. Action planned in May 2012 in connection with UN conference.
  5. Solidarity with Chinese protest against police, political party. Wukan (village) is blockaded, not getting any food. Leader disappeared. Solidarity action being researched; rally outside corporation(s) involved or Chinese embassy.
  6. Banks that invest in anti-environmental activities, in particular fracking. Will re-present next Tuesday. Possible 1/17/12 action (fracking); 1/12/12, testifying in NYC re: closing Indian Point nuke.
  7. Singing & dancing in Liberty Square (no reportback but people want to do it)
  8. May Day 2012. Email list started.
  9. New Year’s Eve in Liberty Square. We’ll meet at 9pm; arts & culture and food WGs are in. Indoor space for “after party” sought.

10. “countdown to economic justice”, actions focused on Goldman Sachs (more squidding!) on 13th of each month.

General agenda items

  1. Longer term planning and participation of working people who can’t be at every meeting. Discussion. There are autonomous actions that none of us hear about that far in advance.  We are trying to get better about timely posting minutes and announcing meetings over both email and text. Planning over email goes against security culture, most should happen face to face.
  2. Tech/comms subgroup. List serv starting in riseup. Because several people have sent emails to a visible list, recommendation that people change their email addresses.
  3. Road trip subgroup
  4. Feminist DA subgroup reportback. Next steps include more actions led by female-assigned people, more skill shares.
  5. 3 part proposal from town planning. Read, with general twinkles. We will take more time to discuss tomorrow (12/21).
  6. Budget: weekly, instead of daily, budget. Discussion got to friendly amendments but was complex enough to be tabled to tomorrow (12/21)
  7. How to program Sunday meetings. Will be worked out tomorrow (12/21)


Stop fracking now

Cairo women’s protest, internet censorship bill

Egyptian Embassy, 58th @ 2nd , 2pm, rally

Missing some meeting notes—if you took some and don’t know what to do with them, type ‘em up and send to Madeline on NYCGA or by email.

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