DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 21, 2011

– Egypt solidarity action: 2pm-7pm, Egyptian Consulate, 1110 2nd Ave (at 46th St.)
– Action to protest worker abuse at Whole Foods: 5-8pm Thursday, Union Square Whole Foods
– Two action ideas for spectacles in Zuccotti over Holidays (see below for details).  To learn more, contact Mediarilla at 917-628-6909 / jomediarilla@yahoo.com
– Give Suzahn email address if you want to be part of feminist subgroup
– If you want to be part of ongoing Egyptian poster action, see Austin
– O4O needs folks from DA to bottomline logistical support for 702 Vermont occupation.  If interested, see Hambone
– Staten Island occupiers are holding march around the island Dec. 3 – Jan. 16.
– Outreach & POC are creating canvass to organize autonomous GA’s within impacted communities.  Contact Mario to learn more.

Text and email blasts:
-> Decided to send text & email blasts about Egypt Solidarity Action, Whole Foods Solidarity Action, D17 Debrief, email blast about Scranton eviction
-> Decided for the next few days to end announcements with item-by-item temperature check on whether to announce via email blast and/or text

Dec 29 action to mark 111th Anniversary of Massacre at Wounded Knee with AMARINDA
-> Decided to endorse speaking event, back proposal for $2,000 budget, back listing on website
-> DA members encouraged to plan direct action component at Thursday’s breakout session and bring friendly amendment to this proposal for DA to endorse it

DA subgroup on environmental issues
-> Decided to create DA subgroup on environmental issues which will be listed on the DA website and will focus on hydrofracking, environmental justice, and partnerships with local enviro groups

spokes council accountability proposal from Town Planning
-> Decided to back 3 proposals brought by Town Planning to introduce more accountability to Spokes Council and committed to help workshop and improve the proposal.
– 2 stand asides: (1) objection to passing regulations instead of dealing with things ourselves, (2) objection that the proposal is toothless

sunday meeting structure
-> We decided the following:
The agenda for every Sunday strategy meeting will be decided by consensus of the full DA working group at a 30-minute session at the beginning of the immediately preceding Thursday meeting.  At the end of every Sunday meeting, someone will volunteer to facilitate next Sunday’s meeting.  That person will be responsible for coordinating submission of potential agenda items and for facilitating the Thursday meeting at which the agenda is set.  CJ and Anthony will be responsible for ensuring that a facilitator is chosen at the end of every Sunday meeting and for informing them of the responsibilities inherent in their role.  This project will be subject to review after four Sunday meetings as part of the Thursday session immediately following it.
– 1 stand aside: objection that inability to attend Thursday meeting will set barrier to participation as facilitator of Sunday meeting

changing time of sunday meetings
-> Decided to change Sunday meeting time from 2-6 to 12-4 to facilitate participation by POC, contingent upon POC consensing to change their meeting time and subject to review after 4 weeks.

proposal to shift from daily to weekly budget allotments
-> Struck from agenda

two action ideas
– Discussed two actions for Holiday Season in Zuccotti Park:
(1) Guantanamo Bay costumes to call attention to NDAA and growing infringement on civil liberties of all US residents,
(2) Action with Occupy Faith involving pulling crucifix around park to engage Christian community.

x introduce a bunch of articles & ideas behind them
– Bunch of handouts distributed the purpose of which was to aid OWS in becoming organizers.

x scranton eviction defense
– discussion tabled, to be included in email blast



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