DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 26, 2011

Meeting started informally and went to more formal structure as more people showed up.

Agenda items

“Fed up – show up” march/meetup on central park, Jan 1, noon– ideasforsolutions.com. Goal is to have a meetup every 2nd Sunday. Also to eventually have meetups in Bronx, Queens, SI, etc. Soapbox format. Asking for help; wants comrades. Will stay after for people to talk.

Reoccupy in spring, how do we want to do it? Many comments philosophically in favor (or not) of doing it; was not the point of the presenter, who wants more practical discussion. Sample ideas raised: What is a feasible site? Use national parks? Governors Island? Many parks at the same time? Discuss in closed circle? March too soon to get buy-in (or not). List was passed around for people to form group for further discussion, and group will meet immediately following DA.

Westchester, home to criminal CEOs and corporate HQs including Pepsi, etc. Breakout group tomorrow, 12/27.

New Years Eve: group meeting at 60 Wall tomorrow, 12/27, at 5:30pm

As OWS, doing community service, cleaning the streets, doing what DSNY won’t do, showing we care.  Breakout group at DA on 12/27.

Email campaign to get people to switch to credit unions from banks. (Points of info: OWS has already done actions in solidarity with moveyourmoneyproject.org. Email campaign more a project for outreach WG.)

Jan 8: Racial justice organizing, POCupy  11am- 2pm, 60 Wall
Jan 1: “fed up-show up”, Central Park (see 1st item above)



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