DAWG Meeting Minutes – Dec 28, 2011


Prison solidarity NYE noise demo 9pm 150 park row (MDC)
proposed as a DA-endorsed solidarity action
able to do both this and Liberty action
traditionally day of noise demos at jails & prisons
consensus, yay!

florida ppl coming up for new years, want to hold j2 meeting to meet DA folks as prep for RNC in August
POI: DA has meeting on monday 2pm
formalize this meeting: meet and greet 1pm no blocks/concerns/etc.
will go on nycga.net & comhub

DA-specific metrocards
jeff from housing suggests getting DA consensus for housing to ask for more metrocards
Lively discussion about how to best use cards, including sharing; where OWS should put its $$$; alternatives to subway (bikes); budgeting for DA’s own metrocards; is 1st come 1st serve OK; whether we are being hasty/elitist about people’s needs
Proposal: proposal to GA of immediate cessation of purchasing metrocards, plus immediately (next week) stop accepting cards for DA
OK to table until tomorrow/Friday, but comment:  feeling around country is this is movement building $, we are hoarding these resources, time to stop this
consensus on tabling until the next meeting

proposal to cancel tomorrow’s meeting to attend Un-settling Occupation event at irondale
Amended to a change of time: tomorrow’s breakout meeting will occur at 2pm at wintergarden – consensus

bail proposal (announcement) accounting actually brought a good proposal to establish bail fund
this is coming back to thursday’s GA, we need this. ppl try to please be at GA on thursday, liberty square 7pm

new years
silent disco subway afterparty: amount needed reduced to $2500 (loan). Still misgivings.
only about 2 ppl willing to do web of trust with headphones at this meeting
suggestion: pursue Arts & Culture in this matter as well, maybe make proposal to GA directly
proposal dropped

DA structural change (announcement from sub-group
new format for th&su meetings,
each sunday will choose facilitator for following sundays meeting
On Thursday, that facilitator will work with group to set next sundays agenda & meeting structure

Proposal: use our budget to buy some anarchist books
suggestion: lets talk to library group to share books instead
breakout group for tomorrow on reading list/study group. think about yesmen class on revolution at nyu


tomorrow 5:30pm-11pm, Un-Settling Occupation. Irondale is located at 85 S. Oxford St. in Brooklyn, NY. Take the
2,3,4,5,N,R,Q,B,D Trains to Atlantic Ave-Pacific, the C Train to Lafayette, or the G Train to Fulton. More details: http://www.nycga.net/events/event/un-settling-occupation/

daily, 60 Wall when possible, 4pm conversation about reoccupation

POC/DA meetings 7:30pm (directly after DA) Tuesdays. Agenda includes further re-occupying of homes in marginalized communities.

Q: how are announcements made? Brief explanation of postings to NYCGA; riseup group being set up; discussing cycling through list moderators monthly.

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