Minutes – DAWG Meeting – Nov 7 2011

Ari and Guy co-facilitated


Reportback on Sunday’s general assembly, including discussion of the breakouts for Demands working group; consensus on financial support for SIS proposal to distribute goods to other occupations, walking trip to Washington DC and Occupy 447 (see agenda for more info on this project).

Breakout groups and their reportbacks and announcements

Occupy your Block: meeting within Outreach WG on Nov 8 (Tuesday, today) at 6pm at 52 Broadway, ground floor. Planning is moving towards a major event on Dec. 6. Also, action and flyering on Nov 10 (Thursday). Signup sheet was passed around.

Nov 30 planning. Next meeting will be Nov 11 (Friday) at noon, Charlotte’s Place.

Nov 17 planning. Next meeting Nov 10 (Thurs) at 7pm. Affinity groups needed to plan “breakfast” actions. Location to be announced thru @NYCDABLASTS.

Park defense training, to meet 10pm on Nov 7 (day of meeting)

Nov 8 solidarity with A. Hussein—canceled because Mr. Hussein got a 1-year stay of deportation. (Yay!)

Nov 8: SCC vs Citigroup, call to protest outside (no reportback)

Nov 12: call for action in solidarity with Egypt (no reportback)

Nov 15: call for action (no reportback)

Agenda items

Intro text for first spokescouncil: to be considered still a working document, includes: “OWS is a manifestation of resistance. Direct Action exists to lend focus and tactical intelligence to that resistance and to ensure the continued existence of the occupation thru planned action and park defense.” “We use progressive stack, prioritize solidarity actions with marginalized voices from outside the group and challenge oppression within our organization.” As consensed upon previously by Direct Action, participation in 1-hour infoshare and 2-hour non-violent direct action training are prerequisites to participation in the group.

Spoke for first spokescouncil: Kira

Occupy 477 (477 W 142nd St, Harlem): Zu will bottom-line coordination with stakeholders including those occupying the space and OWS people of color caucus, to determine how direct action can best support.

 Direct action structure: Sandy presented document that included a change in kinds of meetings, time of meetings, training, and more issues. We reached consensus that working on this document will be the sole agenda item other than announcements and a short session for breakouts the Nov 8 (Tuesday, today) DA meeting. A sub-group will work on how to structure the discussion. Issue of difficulty accessing DA/cliquishness will be addressed in the discussion.


Nov 7, 7pm, Museo del Barrio: revolutionary success stories

Nov 8, 11 am: training on Building a Movement with former director of Ruckus Society, AFT building, 52 Broadway, 16th Floor

Nov 8, 1pm: DA training meeting, 60 Wall

Nov 8, 3pm: acoustic music set at red structure with Crosby & Stills

Nov 8, 8pm: anarchist GA in Prospect Park, at lake

Nov 17: Verizon union march arrives from Albany (!)


Next DA meeting location: AFT building 52 Broadway, 16th Floor

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