Miniutes from 2/12 Action Planning

Information/Important Background:

Occupy Portland National Call to Action:

Portland Action Lab:

Agreed Upon Goals

  • Educate & Disrupt
  • Target Bank of America for F29, which is an ALEC member.
  • Organize several educational events for next two weeks leading up to F29
  • Open the day up to coordinated Affinity Groups
  • Tuesday @ DA: We will work to fill the meeting with as many people as possible for a larger decision on whether the main event is a shut down.
  • The main event should be clearly communicated if it is a high-risk or lower risk event.

Action Points

·      Mike will bottom line education teach-in

·      Mark and Shane (and Dana and Sarah) are on PR, with Occupy Portland

·      Mandolin can outreach to DA meeting on Tues and then May Day outreach; is interested in figuring out affinity targets will meet tomorrow at 2 @ 60 Wall

·      Shane will work on event night before, maybe with Mike (Don’t supress OWS event on F28 also)

·      Sandy will reach out to BoA Campaign group for opportunities to collaborate/also will bring N17 action agreement on Tues



Proposal: Target HQ of Pfizer

·      Pfizer might be a dry remote target that people can’t relate to

Proposal: Goldman Sachs for President (major donor for both Obama and Romney)…do action at Goldman Sachs

·      Concern that Goldman Sachs thing isn’t specific enough to ALEC action

(Point that need to make sure we target ALEC and don’t lost ALEC for specific corporations!)

Other Ideas for Targets:

·      Fox News

·      focus on legislation and issues

·      Citi Bank

·      There are other banks like Bank of America

·      Individual Board Members

Event Ideas:

·      Could do a big outdoor teach-in instead of choosing one target

·      Shut something down or not?

·      pop-up occupation and little marches breaking off to shut things down

·      Use this as opportunity to plug into ongoing labor issues

·       have space and from there go out to target stores and have teach-in in the center

·      set up a classroom in the lobby and teach until evicted

·      Teach-in for OWS people, Teach-ins for public

·      Guerrilla art campaign


Preparation for May Day, shut something down, educate people about ALEC, bring more people into the movement (working class, people who can’t always do high risk actions), goals conditioned by capacity (its modest), make sure we can hit our goal, get our research chops in order, turning people out, educating them, do something with bikes, with theater, draw attention to role in anti-immigration law, do something to get people involved or think about issues more, educate people in advance

Target Selected: Bank of America in general and Bank of America Tower on 42nd St and 6th Ave NW Corner at 12 Noon

Related Things:

·      Have an informative event the night before with sympathetic journalists who are experts on ALEC

·      Get in touch with Occupy Albany to target 2 ALEC chairmen: Owen Johnson from Islip, Robert Laurie who are in Albany

·      Work with existing BoA campaign

·      See if affinity groups want to participate (maybe have decentralize actions?)

·      Come up with Action Agreement

·      Could put literature in BoA ATMs

·      Should decide an exit strategy

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