[Jail] Solidarity Forever!

On May 1st we are to expect, as we always should, an aggressive, unjust overreaction to actions on the behalf of the NYPD. Though few of us wish to purposefully get arrested, many of us who simply wish the celebrate the holiday that May Day is will be kidnapped and caged by the state. This aspect of police repression is one of the uglier, dehumanizing mechanisms employed to instill a culture of paranoia and fear into dissidents and subversives. In order to combat this overwhelming power, it us essential that we support each other through trauma, coercion, and intimidation.

One very effective way to do this is Jail Support! During the 7 months (which included thousands of arrests) of Occupy Wall Street’s existence, only a handful of hard working organizers have dedicated themselves to doing jail support.

Jail support is both tracking arrestees as they move through the arrest and arraignment process and providing comfort to arrestees when they are released. It is away of showing solidarity with other people involved with Occupy Wall Street and a way of taking care of our friends and community. Through jail support, we show that we’re not going to let the legal system be used as a way to wear us down!


Please visit the Direct Action wiki to view a document that details the way that OWS Jail Support is done!

How to document your injuries for lawsuits and the media:  Shooting the Wounded

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