M17 Debrief – 03/18/12

3-18-12 DA Notes

Debrief from re-occupation

What went wrong? :

– We should have stayed in the Financial District after getting kicked out of the park

– There were a lot of people in park who we couldn’t convince to do park defense.

– We need to work on holding space and be aware when we have space and not give it up

– Don’t talk about illegal activities you did or saw. These discussions can be used by the police to imprison you and your friends

– Great day and a hard night. Many of us are upset with the police. We can’t control what the police do. I was upset with the march because people were getting hurt. We need to use spokes and other tools to improve our communication. We need to chose where and when the confrontations happen with the police

– The march was unenergetic and we were marching because of a feeling of obligation

– When the bagpipes came in we lost the center of the park. Our communication was bad. The march was problematic because it took people away from the space we were occupying.

– When talking to the press we should talk about police brutality and avoid specifics about what protestors did. Know what legal observers are doing so you can take part in that work as well. Some things include:

o Get picture or video documentation of arrests

o Full names of people getting arrested

o Take notes of the time and place if police are being violent

o Avoid antagonizing police

What went well? :

– When we are on the marches we were aware of our surroundings. The mic checks on marches worked well. Pacers did a good job.

– The changes of direction on the march and the spontaneity worked well. Blockades with trash blocked police scooters.

– I liked the energy in the park. I liked the trainings in the park.

– Park defense was great.

– Amazing solidarity and fearlessness

– People aren’t leaving our sites. More discipline in holding space than in the past because of training

– I loved how people worked in the streets and the de-arrests. The + brigades are doing a great job of making things fun and creative. Friday marches are important to help develop that.

– It was great that marches were organized to draw people in to the park from the Left Forum.

– The spontaneous actions were great because it made the police react to what we were doing.

Solidarity Action

– There is a call for a candle-light vigil .

– There is a call for a march leaving from Union Square.

– I’m not excited about marching tonight.

– I think tonight is better than tomorrow because a lot of people have work tomorrow.

– There is an affinity group training scheduled from 7-9 tonight.

– I heard GA is in Union tonight.

– We need to learn lessons from the last solidarity Sunday and not march because we feel obligated to do so.

– TWU is upset about the Police using city busses to transfer arrestees

– If people want to have an action they should do it as an AG action. I don’t think we should call for action as DA. We should let ourselves heal and deal with the trauma and let other cities get our back.

– If we do a solidarity action we should plan it and put work into it and not throw it together in one day.

– We burned ourselves out doing too many actions. We should think about what we do and do it with intention.

– I think our voice has been heard.

– I feel like the momentum is there.

– If we do an action I want it to be an action where families can come out and feel safe.

– It needs to be accessible

– We need to think about trauma and take care of each other.

– Proposal: DA will make a call that any action come to 100 Centre ST. where we support our friends getting out of jail. People can come here we can make it peaceful, hold space, and we can all be together.

– We need to remember that some communities face this type of police violence regularly.

– We can get derailed if we are only seen getting beat up by the police. It can be a part of the story but we need to ensure that the message of economic injustice doesn’t get lost.

– If we do an action tomorrow do we want it to happen at 12pm for the press or at 5pm when people can come after work?

Proposal: to have people come to 100 Centre St. so we can talk about what happened.

– Concerns

o The last time we had a lot of people here they shut down the court. Also there are a lot of people who are holding space at Union Square we should have it there.

o My concern is that they could leverage this space against people not involved with OWS that want to see friends. We should move it to Foley.

– I want to change the proposal so that instead of us meeting at 100 Centre we meet at Foley Square.

– Friendly Amendments

o Can we have people go to Union to tell people what is happening

o Can we have Foley be the base for jail support while Union is the base for solidarity?

o We should do outreach at Union.

o I think we should avoid splitting ourselves and pick one space.

o Police brutality brings media eye and we should use that to do something beautiful

o I feel like we are ignoring Union Sq.

o We should have a silent vigil

o We don’t all have to do the same thing. Solidarity not unity.

o We should move to Union Sq to do a candle light vigil.

o We shouldn’t promote any action but tell people that some of us will be at Union and some of us will be doing jail support at Foley

Solidarity Action for future date

– When would we like a strategic action is what we need to ask.

– Freedom to assemble is what we are doing.

– We should put pressure on Ray Kelly to drop the charges and resign.

– I love the idea of having a press conference to bring in allies and push our agenda and to attach the issue of the prison industrial complex.

– I think we should go to 1 police plaza.

– I think we should have a press conference and have people that have been arrested talk about trauma. We should do it on the weekend.

– We should go to left forum and use their voices.

– Ray Kelly and NYPD should be the target.

– Tuesday should be the Press Conference and Saturday should be the day of action.

– We should reach out to the Muslim community and the community in the Bronx to invite them because they face this type of repression on a regular basis.

Friday March

– We rang the people’s gong on Wall St. We wore sweats and had spring training in preparation for May Day.

– Friday was fun. I don’t think we will have as much leisure time on the next action. The speech was brilliant

– The narrative for this Friday should be aligned with Saturday’s message.

– This Friday should build capacity for Saturday’s action

– For this Friday I hope we maintain the jovial feel of last Friday

– NYPD is the new security for the park. We should highlight this in our messaging. The NYPD is the attack dog for the 1%

– We should have trainings before the march

– Friday was successful because there was a lot of space and people were willing to fill it with creative and beautiful actions and trainings

– Tuesday will be the day to set the agenda for this Friday’s march


– Occupy New Haven received notice of eviction. I’d like to invite 10 people to come up and do a press conference this Sunday

– Prison Solidarity Working Group meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 in 60 Wall St.

– Liberation Summer project meets 1-4pm at Riverside Church this Sunday.



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