May Day Meeting Minutes: 2/4/2012


  1. Intros
  2. Update
  3. Discss loose framework for May 1st


Morning: disruptive action around midtown (where financial firms have headqarters)

Noon: rally/march with May 1st coalition at Union Sq

Evening rush hour: disruptive action

Evening mass march


-why this is important: hard to move forward, do outreach, without a framework for what we’re asking people to get behind.

-concern: dictating the framework to the May 1st coalition, important to dialogue with them for actions we do with them

-some of these ideas percolated through the DA meeting last Sunday, broader support for it. Night time march would be permitted. Thinking about evening rush hour as a “strike pull” like event.

-we should have an assembly at some point during the day (possibly after evening pull)

-M1 coalition has been supportive, not the worst thing if we give them some direction. We should have times.

-second point about high-visibility assembly. Shut down but also reassembling in some form of powerful public forum.

-might be too early to marry ourselves to a particular schedule.

-part of the action is also the mutual aid aspect. Diversity of interaction. Reaching out to people in terms of what we’ll be doing, not just what they won’t be doing.

-doing smaller actions, outreach to neighborhoods, smaller groups, etc., pushing small businesses to close. Evening event could be more symbolic. Morning contemplate what we don’t like about work, that could be theme for GA. In evening, do an action that will target rich neighborhoods, the people who create people’s conditions of work.

-we should keep evening fluid, 40 labor unions will be meeting this week, want to stay flexible. Some forum where rank and file workers to speak.

-We’re going on strike as workers but also users. Cyber sphere-shutting something down.

-keeping immigrant worker theme very central. Strategically important to “get the ron pauls out of our movement.”

-agrees we should keep things fluid, but we should have some kind of framework for wha the day will look like. Going up to Upper East Side might be good idea—Bloomberg is up there, Sotheby’s, LWC, a concrete way to say this is linked to concrete struggles, we’re also targeting the 1%.

-reservations about setting too much in stone beforehand. Want to allow for solidarity actions for people who want to not go to work but can’t.. prefer to see the 1% not a sa group of individuals but as a system that structures relationships—see the day as an opportunity to explore different kinds of relationship, exchange.

-“what would you like to do, see if you didn’t have to go to work.

-was feeling outline was premature. Would lke to see each group affiliated with Occupy having their own actions on the day.Key to hit the 1% in all sectors, not ust work.

-absolutely essential we don’t play anything that conflicts with noon. If we add our own bodies to that, could be huge.

-important for labor march at the end of the day to end somewhere where energy can be galvanized.

-why not ask folks to have their own local assemblies and let that be a springboard for the event. Gesture towards a longer term strategy of asking people to have these kinds of local democratic cells.

-CWA actions recently have tried to have this kind of local assembly structure. For M1, we should have not one stage but many different soapboxes. LOC struggling with whether to prioritize message or outreach—seeing that it’s going to come at the same time.

-supports the idea of separate actions taking place, but really importantly to have an evening convergence that’s all about unity, not fragmentation. Have this unity seen in privileged areas, where people don’t typically see the 99%.

-likes the idea of people all over the city stand up—know that police repression will be tougher in outer boroughs. We can learn a lot from work that’s going into city-wide assembly. Should have lots of music.

-why are we planning this march in the evening rather than the morning?


Facilitation: seems like we need to have more discussion, but it sounds like a lot of people are okay with this very general outline for the sake of doing outreach.

-two down twinkles


Hearing from folks who need this for outreach

-important to decide whether where going to have a march in the evening


Schedule remains to be decided. Will ask people not to use this structure yet.


30 min for logistics cluster

-Internal, strike, mutual aid, action, media, education/research


Report backs:

  1. Strike

-talking to people who are involved in ongoing struggles.

-doing really focused stuff.

-non-unionized workers. Elevator repair people, flexibilized workers, art handlers (art fair starting that day).

-specific unions: TWU, what could they do. CWA-recent wildcat strike. The unemployed. Do people have connections to specific sectors of organized labor, could to strike cluster.

2. Mutual Aid

-coordinating with already existing structures

-dry run in March

-distribute groceries in food deserts

-free medical clinics

-educational/academic support

-make sure mutual aid is mutual—create online directory of mutual aid; black and red pages.

-TWU-give free rides

-distributing literature on why mutual aid is important, what it is

3. action

-reluctant to call morning action “disruptive action”

-need for space for people who want to engage in civil disobedience

-think about different kinds of striking

-noise disruption

-question of whether to converge and then disperse or the opposite

-involving the outer boroughs, not privileging manhattan

-if we do converge in manhattan, how do people get there-sleep in?

4. Media

-getting press clued in on what’s going to happen in advance

-promotional ideas

5. Education and research

-start a research/reading group about general strike. Have a month of research—do teach ins at schools, other places.

-producing literature

6. Internal

-database, institutional memory, etc. on an inward facing website

-info about actions, etc. on outward facing



6. Bringing our call to GA to approval

-Chris bottom-lining getting it on agenda, getting people to come out

-DA already consensed on this. Going to GA would be for a national call.


7. Announcements

1.Breaking up with Trader Joe’s—Sunday Feb 12th at 2PM at Union Sq. Trader Joe’s

4. This Saturday, 2-5, P.S. 109 project meeting. School that’s been abandoned in E. Harlem for about 10 years. May be sold to a group of developers, but right now owned by city. Building relationships in neighborhood, seeing what needs are. PEP meeting this Thursday at Brooklyn Tech, 5:30.

5. report back from Bronx GA, march.

6. Invite people from unions to these meetings.

7. Occupy your workplace meeting tomorrow at 5PM at 60 wall.

8. Building wiki page 4PM at Charlotte’s place Monday

9. Student action on March 1st, also organizing for May 1st. Doing both uptown and downtown actions. Meet every Friday at 6PM, next Friday at 6PM.

9. Fuck Monsanto!


8. Next mtng

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