DAWG Meeting Minutes 1.12.2012


1st May Day (possible general strike) meeting: 40 or so peeps. Worked on definitions of a general strike; goals; inreach & outreach (WGs, immigrants, unions, CBOs, etc). Want to build for huge May Day. Next meeting J14 (Sat.), 1pm, Judson Church.
point of info: there’s a non-OWS general strike group who had a meeting– lots of academics

Spanish assembly & POC working on community agreements; observe that missing from the group’s version is a “no snitches” rule and no calling people out without proof. Still working on it; may present at spokes Monday.

Bloomberg mic check (Bronx) not so great; low turnout, kept far from actual site; blended with other protestors in “pen”.

Barn-raising listening project (http://barnraiser.wordpress.com) getting sampling of ideas on what the 99% want from this movement. Starting with OWS working groups.

Feminist DA subgroup: will be planning own actions, of which we came up with a list. Discussion of resources we now have and training we want. Next meeting date to be decided.

F9: Occupy the Dept of Ed. Action at Brooklyn Tech in planning stage.

Re-occupy: distributing survey on when; will have discussion on J21. Please take survey outside OWS also.

Tactics trainer: contact Boots if you’ve got ideas on desired tactics.

Breakout groups

J17 & revolutionary games. Again, debate over glitter (pro/con); we’ll have fun with games.

J17, 10:30-11:30 am, Javits Ctr, 11th Ave & 37th St : retail action project (retailactionproject.org) organizing protest outside retailer CEO conference. Contact sheet circulated. Group consensed to be in solidarity (endorsement) of this action.

March7: anniversary of Japan nuclear disaster. Early stages of planning action in NYC, plus teach-in. See jfissures.org. Will also be on Facebook.

J16, 10am-1pm, Occupy Dream at Federal reserve. We’re not fans of OccDream, but action at Fed could galvanize many. May be organizing working group around Fed.

Election mock campaign: Banks vs Corps. (early stages)

Solidarity squads: idea is a “mini-common ground”. Info from Edmonton group was shared via email. We’ll refine our ideas and present to larger group soon.

Agenda items

Sunday strategy session agenda planning: Proposal of structure based on the priorities determined last Sunday (see http://www.nycga.net/groups/direct-action/docs/minutes-from-direct-action-6-month-strategy-session-1812-2). Work toward consensus on main priorities; set timeline; start planning 3 actions. 2nd meeting to be held before Sunday to nail down the agenda & process. Planning group should also review the debrief/critique on last Sunday’s meeting (http://www.nycga.net/groups/direct-action/docs/minutes-dawg-meeting-jan-9-2011) to help shape next meeting.

Retail action project: see above


J13, Sotheby campaign, action with Occupy Museums

J13, Occupy LA, home foreclosure action against BNY Mellon. Can someone bottom-line a NYC solidarity action?

J15, 6pm, outside Sheraton at 7th Ave & 53rd St: TWU tribute to MLK and report on contract negotiations.

J16, 3:30pm:  CWA march and rally at Madison Square Garden. Rev Al Sharpton will be present.
J19, 5pm: CWA march & rally in Brooklyn, E. 96th st and Ave D rally in front of Cablevision garage. (DA endorsed this one.) At 4pm a bus will be available to take people from Liberty Square to the events.

J17: see breakout section

UWS church: come live there!

Occupy Newark: come live there!

Occupy road trip: survey on line, bit.ly/occutripsignup. There will also be print surveys.

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