Minutes, D12 Planning Meeting – Dec 8,2012

Hi, this is Madeline. I didn’t take these notes, but was sent them to post. I cut a bit of detail. Folks can let me know if it’s too much cut.


RE: schedule
the UAW is turning people out for this
7:30am – march from Zuccotti to Goldman Sachs(200 West Street) via Barclay and Murray Sts.
8:00am Arrive 200 West Street.
James Livingston (History Professor, Rutgers) arrives at 8am

RE: march.
We need crew of 10-15 people to facilitate march.

RE: location
Press conference locations at Goldman Sachs Bldg were discussed
RE: people featured at press conference (from Kanene’s proposal..)
lots of suggestions but no definites

RE: possible parallel action (from another group..)

RE: earlier decision
problem: What was consensed on at earlier meeting for D12 was different than the present idea of having a ”trial of Goldman Sachs” ..which has been done earlier.

RE: noon action
We could fit a GA in the Winter Garden. Great! ..but the space is owned by Brookfield.

–I can ask some Open Forum people about bottom lining a GA

RE: Story of the day
So far, we have Press Conference at Goldman Sachs(GS), the squid and solidarity with the West Coast port shutdowns.
One of those ports is owned by GS: so we could have a message tying together the ports and GS.
–Clarification: GS owns a company that has investments in one of the ports.

Could we pull a few other things into this: UAW pickets, then the Teamsters at Sotheby’s?

–Maybe the picket line could be organized outside of GS, and could go on after our press conference

RE: Central ’Thing of the Day’
–discussion on nature of the press conference

RE: Materials.
Flyers: $10 was spent on two kinds of flyer
How does everybody feel about asking GA for amount of money up to $1000 for materials?

RE: further discussion
Friday morning at 11am, 60 Wall Street

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