Minutes, DAWG Meeting, Nov 10 2011

Report Backs

Spokes Council
It was a volatile meeting
we got through 4 WGs with one tabled and there are 37 remaining
Lawyers said DA might want to withdrawal from spokes council

Walter will go to the Coordinators meeting and … will go to the GA tonight.

Egypt wants a delegation to survey elections with 2-3 from DA.  It is kind of sketch but not too sketch.  Facilitation might send people.  November 25-30 elections.  PEople will be dispersed throughout the disticts and there will be parts that are more dangerous.  They are making maps.  They are looking for people that are open and adaptive and that have been involved in OWS for a long time.

Might try to use half the spokescouncil for getting the spokes in and half for getting proposals in.  Meet at 2 pm at charlotte’s place tomorrow.

Breakout Groups
HR 1070 and HR 1095 if these are passed public companies will become private under the guise of creating jobs.  to get word out

Trade Justice WG
Korea: protesters were attacked.  International day of solidarity with them.
Bob Turner is Tea Party candidate is being sworn in in Queens and he voted for free trade agreements.
Charlie Rangle is going to have the Charlie Rangle Job Fair.

Nov. 30
Financing the Aerospace industry

Direct Action Painters
create banners and signs and going to various groups to offers services to art up the park.

Nov 17 Breakfast
Take over Wall ST with block party.  We will build are neighborhoods on Wall St.  With blockades and other fun stuff.  We are building affinity groups. meeting tonight at 52 Broadway 6th floor

March in Solidarity with Egypt Saturday

Dec 6h Occupy Foreclosed homes

Egypt election monitoring

Report Backs from breakouts

meeting at 730 at 52 Broadway 6th floor
Nov 30
Two upcomming meetings Fri at 12 at charlottes place and Monday at 7 at 339 Lafayette
How we are going to do it and the requirements
asking people to volunteer
step up step back
tomorrow we will nominate
Bob Turner/Charlie Rangle Job Fair/21st Nov
proposal to endorse
Meeting 2pm sat March for Egypt
1030 am meeting tomorrow

Roles will be talked about tomorrow
Proposal for endorsement of action at Rep. Bob Turner swearing in on Sunday 11/13/11 .
This is endorsed
Charlie Rangle Job Fair pass out pink slips to let people know about free trade bill that Rangle voted for.  Monday 11/14/11 at 10:00-4:00 at City College W. 148th St
In Solidarity with Occupy Seoul at Consulate at 12 Monday 11/22 45th between 1st and 2nd may march to Chuck Schumer and Christie Gillabrand.
Legal and Jail Support
Legal said we may not want to be part of spokes council

Saturday day in Solidarity with Egypt
Occupy Queens wants DA folks to talk at GA at 7:30
antiracist training
5pm in front of City Hall a group protesting OWS 11/14




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