Minutes, DAWG Meeting, Nov 11 2011

Report Backs
two proposals passed at GA:
$5,000 for 11/17
$2,000 for park Defense
GD will be the spoke for tonight

Egypt delegation: we were invited to go and monitor the election in Egypt and they would like 2 members and a backup member
they are looking for people that know some Arabic, people that are laid back, been involved with this working group for sometime, medic training, darker skinned people are at higher risk, women too, we are going there to learn and be of service.
Emby, Malcom, Ashley, Ari, George
I have been involved with OWS and have been offered crash courses in Arabic, involved with Arab solidarity
I have traveled and been with OWS for a month, and am calm and good with languages
I have been with DA since the first day and have been doing it for 3 years and in street confrontations, I will learn as much Arabic as I can
I have been involved with Da since begining I have been doing training, activism around this issues, live in Morroco for a year, speak read and write Arabic at an intermediate level,
Medic trainging and doing DA stuff for 10 years, I know how to, I took a year of Arabic in high school
have been involved with DA since day one, lived in high conflict zone,
I have been here for 6 weeks.  I didn’t know anything about DA when I arrived, I speak fluent Spanish, I am excited to be at service of these people, I have contacts with Al Jazeera,
Ashley, Lewis, and Emby have election experience as well as Arabic knowledge.
Ashley was chosen
I think Sparro would be another good choice
From what I have seen of George and his involvement I would like to see him go.
I think language is important and I think Sparro would be good
how would a homosexual be viewed in the society
in the activist community they would be welcomed but in the broader society they would not be welcomed
Ashley, Lewis, and Malcom have been here from the beginning
I think there need to be a native New Yorker going
Ashley and Sparro are the nominees and George is the alternate


Proposal on actions
Bob Turner action
What is the difference between endorsed actions and DA actions?
endorsed actions are different than actions of the Day
This action will be the action of the day

Organization working group is asking if we need office space
We need office space to have a consistent place to meet and an indoor space to hear each other.
Office space would be good for doing research and making signs
a space that doesn’t require ID’s
we need both a space for doing office work and meeting
I think we can do office work in other spaces and we should focus on getting a space for meetings
a warehouse would be better
Arts and culture has available resources so keep that in mind while considering what you need
the location should be in lower Manhattan

Spokes for Conference call: Malcom and George

Judith Butler will come tomorrow to speak to DA.  Works for Queer Studies and is an awesome radical theorist, at 16 Beaver at 2 pm.  This is to combine radical action with radical thought and how you can activate intellectuals to be involved in direct action.

Movement building needs direct action on the calls.
Two actions: state attorney generals are making deal with banks to grant them immunity for their crimes.  A strategy session monday 11 am in the Atrium. There will be a day of action December 6 for occupying foreclosed homes 5 pm Monday in the Atrium.
Occupy Central Park?
Basic needs WG.  I feel disconnected with them and think as anarchists we should help them out
Occupy Building 7: we want this to be an official action to investigate building 7 of the WTC
Occupiers 101 about consent and how to live in park at 52 Broadway on the 6th floor at 4:30
Occupy New York City Housing Court to show solidarity with the people getting evicted.  PS 109: we stopped its demolition
Event at 6296 Woodhaven blvd at 5pm
Charlie Rangle Job fair
Tomorrow at 2pm 58th and 5th marching to Egyptian consulate and working on signs at 5 pm

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