Statement of Solidarity with Oakland

Dear Occupy Oakland,

We, the Direct Action Working group of Occupy Wall Street, condemn the wholly unacceptable and morally repulsive wave of repression against the Oakland Commune initiated by Oakland’s Mayor Quan and stand in firm solidarity with you, our comrades. Quan and Oakland’s cops have waged open warfare on you, and we draw great inspiration from your brave and creative responses.

We see through the state’s obvious attempt to divide activists over diversity of tactics. Though we are using different maps, we are all walking the same path. We find the state and its representatives (Quan, for example) attempts to tell us what this struggle is for and how we wage it to be laughable and ridiculous. We have no more interest in the opinions of Mayor Quan than we have in the insanity of Billionaire Bloomberg.

We call on all occupations to stand in solidarity with our comrades in the Oakland Commune.

Solidarity and Rage,

Direct Action Working Group of Occupy Wall Street

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