Strategy Session Notes – 02/19/12

> DA WG Meeting 2.19.12
> Recaps
> – F29, Portland’s call to action to “shut down the corporations”.
> Three main targets in NYC are Koch, Pfizer & BOA
> – Plans for a public event/teach in have been scrapped. There will be
> a teach-in/presentation from Matt Taibbi on BOA at next Sunday’s DA
> meeting. Venue and time TBA. Contact for more info.
> Report backs
> – Re: Pop up occupation on F29, Occupy The Town Sq. is having a pop up
> occupation on the 26th and will not have the capacity to muster
> another one on the 29th. Components of Occupy The Town Square, will be
> participating alongside DA & affinity groups in any pop up occupation
> taking place in Bryant Park on F29. People’s Library, Rev Games and
> Think Tank are reportedly on board as well as The People’s Stage.
> There is the potential for the So So Glos to play but that is not
> confirmed.
> – Plus Brigades will debut on F29.
> – On F29 there will be Q&A brigades of people directly approaching the
> public to discuss the actions and answer their questions.
> – The people behind the spontaneous bed-ins have expressed interest in
> participating at BOA tower or outside of the tower.
> Tactical framework for the day of action
> – There is a map available with a layout of various BOA locations,
> Koch headquarters and the Pfizer HQ, which is located on 42nd and 2nd
> Ave.
> – Pfizer and Koch could be locations disrupted by different groups
> early in the morning at 7am or 8am. There were concerns that it should
> be later in the morning but it was left open and will likely be
> decided upon more firmly at affinity spokes meeting.
> – At 9am pop up will happen in Bryant Park and NYPL. This area will
> serve as a buffer between high risk and higher risk areas of protest
> throughout the remainder of the morning and afternoon.
> – Between 10 and 11am, there will be a march from uptown headed
> downtown with different brigades to 7 or 8 different Bank of America
> branches. Each group would run the show at the branch and take
> responsibility, which will be discussed, in forthcoming Affinity
> spokes meetings.
> – March would converge with gathering at noon – BOA tower at 42nd and
> 6th. Some people are talking about entering the public atrium in the
> tower, the noon event is open to be played with.
> – After noon BOA action, it is likely that there will be a return to
> Bryant Park and this will conclude the day but there was desire to
> keep the afternoon open ended for creative ideas.
> Q & A/Discussion
> Healthcare for 99% expressed an interest in white coat and scrubs
> picket outside of Pfizer with low arrest ability in their ranks.
> Q: Are their separate groups working on those two actions or is this it?
> A: Occupy Williamsburg & Crown Heights specifically asked for BOA
> action to happen at noon.
> Action points
> – will be reaching out to Workers World people to participate.
> There is the potential for radical teach ins that day.
> – Occupy Portland made stickers, posters, they’ll need to be
> printed and flyers. will talk to outreach.
> – Reaching out to various bike activists/enthusiasts.
> -PR WG: Requested point people for press availability in advance and
> on day/of action.
> – expressed interest in carrying white boards and
> conducting radical teach ins on the day of the action in midtown.
> – We’ll need people doing colorful signs, messages, etc. The
> pop up town square group can’t do it, but components can. We might
> need a group of people to coordinate with them there.
> – Healthcare for 99% and others will leaflet in advance along 42nd st.
> corridor in advance. will email everyone with flyer.
> – An action agreement is being written by others.
> suggested that we could refer back to the action agreement around N17
> as a guide. This will likely be discussed at the affinity spokes
> meeting.
> – There will be an affinity spokes meeting on Wednesday from 4-6pm at
> apartment. The second action spokes will happen at next
> Sundays DA meeting. is bottom lining finding a venue and has
> confirmed that Matt Taibbi will come and speak about BOA.
> Non F29 portion of meeting
> – Proposal made by for March 17th, six-month anniversary
> 24-hour reoccupation. After discussion, DA came to consensus in
> approval of this but emphasized that they are not looking to rubber
> stamp events. will bring M17 to GA next Saturday night to seek
> OWS approval and endorsement.
> – May Day action group needs help. Tactical framework is being
> developed and needs help. Propaganda group made centralized platform
> with design and are urging distribution for outreach. May Day meetings
> are on Wednesdays at 33 w. 14th st. (this is in the evening, please
> email the group for time – note taker failed to jot it down correctly
> but I believe it’s 6:30-8:30pm. I may be wrong) & Saturdays from 1-3pm
> at Judson Church
> Announcements
> – Mutual Aid is hoping to get a lot of people out for May Day with
> food and free store, alternative economy, etc. Going forward, May Day
> meetings will be restructured and there will be a chunk of time
> devoted to action discussion vs. breakout groups.
> – Plus brigades next meeting is on Saturday from 7-10pm at
> Judson Church. There is a male lap dancing brigade, the Michael
> Jackson brigade, and clown brigades. This is fun, there’s pizza and
> beer. also announced that he’d be emailing with a big open
> meeting for anti BOA initiatives.
> OWS Bike Coalition now an official working group.
> – Tomorrow there will be an action against Prison Industrial Complex,
> at 2pm meet at Lincoln Correctional Center uptown.

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