Strategy Session Notes – 03/04/12

· May Day website is setup.

· Housing changed process for metro card DA gets 7. Cecillia and Mark are point people for this. First come first serve go to Mark.

· Why do we have more than other WG

· The big WGs get more

· Becky has been nominated and approved to be a point person for this to replace Cecillia

· Occupy Faith is moving forward with housing auction blockades. Coalition working on living wage.

· Plus Brigades had a meeting yesterday and had an action at Chase Bank. They went into the bank and fell then got up and sang “hit the road banks”. They want to start weekly actions on Saturday

· Database for contacts is being setup (Mayday).

· Tuesday is bike solidarity day at Zuccotti

F29 Debrief

· I didn’t have the capabilities to bottom line as much as I did. We had a decent turnout

· We met at 9 at Bryant. It was decided to head over to Pfizer. At 12 the Plus Brigades did their debut. Then went to 43 rd and Madison BofA. We continued marching and didn’t really do anything. WE tried to go to BofA tower but the police wouldn’t let us. And the clowns then did their action.

· When we went to 2 nd or 3 rd BofA the march split and the police didn’t follow half and we took the street. At the end the banner started running and the police were confused. There were large gaps in the scooters.

· I thought it was great. I thought the songs were good and the new ones were good. It was fun even though it wasn’t huge.

· I was upset that the schedule of events wasn’t on the website. On our march to Pfizer we marched passed a BofA with no cops around. Matt Taibi was a good move because Rolingstone had great stuff about the action

· I liked the whole international action aspect. We had a bed at BofA branch. I thought it went well with the plus brigade.

· It felt good to be in the street with people again.

· We played ninjas in front of the Bank and shut it down for 15 min

· I was upset because of the way people were acting in the streets. I don’t like when people let yell at the cops and then let the cops tell them where to go. Use opportunities and take advantages of spaces between cop lines. We have to use these opportunities to stop letting them push us around.

· It was great to be in the streets again. The prep for the march was frustrating. I went to two AG spokes where only 4 people showed. We had a tactical meeting that only met once. Maybe we should have AG spokes with tactical meetings combined. I don’t know where the breakdown in communications happened. We should have ground rules around diverting the march in action agreements.

· Even if we didn’t achieve goal people cheered us. Trust our pacers. We should identify people who have roles

· POI: We haven’t identified people with roles because they will be targeted

· I don’t know where these affinity groups are. In Portland people make affinity groups the day of.

· I was never able to come to the meetings for F29. I tried to reach out to the group and ask where I could plug in and they said that affinity groups were planning. There needs to be a place for people to plug into actions

· I feel like we need to get away from symbolic actions and actually shut stuff down.

· The Spain action was just a march and then people took it upon themselves to shut things down and they had 100,000 people in streets.

· We should train affinity groups. We had a lot of the same problems with our last action.

Escalation calendar

We want to build for May Day and we want to have a Calendar so people know where they can plug in

· US uncut Tax day for April 17.

· March 8 is international women’s day and there will be an action against BofA and many banks are meeting on that day.

· I have a proposal for how we can move forward with this Calendar.

o Point people for people to get in touch with

o People explain how it builds for May Day

o We decide if it should go on calendar

· Actions as outreach and how each action brings in people. We have a check list that people can use to make sure the actions build.

· We need to build the escalation calendar before there are dates.

· We need to go out and talk to groups about what they are doing.


· Have group of people bottom line the calendar

· Have a few dates that are work shopped in DA.

· Have other groups that go to spokes propose actions to go on calendar.


· Process of what goes on calendar

· R: we would start out with actions that are building for May Day. In affinity spokes or in DA meeting and people explain why it should be on calendar and then we decide if it should go on the calendar.

· Are we thinking about events that are being planned

· Since this is a May Day calendar we should pass through May Day group.

· Why are we separating this from everything we are doing.

· R: Everything fits in to May Day

· It seems this will be too bureaucratic.

· I think that DA is good at deciding that we want to do work on. They decide that we will do work on something. Publish a set of criteria. Denied

· There is an escalation calendar with 2-10 people bottom –lining and come to DA or Action sub group of May Day. No decision process people just saying how its building toward May Day.

· Doesn’t seem horizontal. I’ve never heard about this escalation calendar.

· R: we are opening up so people can put stuff on calendar. People bottom lining only put info online.

· Who’s going to do it?

· 10-14 days notice for something going on calendar.

· All we have to do is write things down and put it on the website.

· My concern is that this calendar will get packed.

· My concern is that people don’t have access to text blast and other resources.

· Proposal:


· Proposal passed.

o Point people for people to get in touch with

o People explain how it builds for May Day to Action Spokes, May Day group or DA

o No formal consensus process for putting actions on the calendar but the group retains the right to block actions from the calendar


· Action calendar 3-15, 4-15, 5-9 at BofA headquarters in Charlotte.

· Inter-occ call between 50 occupatoins on this

· Gives us the opportunity to work with other orgs

· We have different teams focusing on different stuff.

· It looks like BofA and Wells Fargo are going to get bailed out

· Charlotte is going to have the DNC as well a few months later

· New bottom line is a coalition of clergy National People’s Action is a coalition of community orgs.

· Nat’l occupy homes week focuses on one city each week.

o In NY taking furniture into BofA asking where are we going to put our stuff after you foreclosed on our homes. 3-15

· What should BofA look like.

o A reddit form of website to let people say what it should look like after failure.

o We are asking for people to submit good ideas

o What should banking be section and a meme section where people use images for what the new ad campaign for BofA should be.

o This is like a yes men hoax style action

· It is still a work in progress

o Pillow fight is being talked about

· I wanted to work on this because we need to focus on a target

· BofA owns 20% of mortgages

· Tech is putting open sources software together

o Big signs with drones

o Drones sending messages

· We have buckets

o Action buckets

o Coalition buckets

· There is a website where you can document what you have done to BofA

o Cleaning BofA

o Putting signs up in BofA

o Putting furniture in BofA

· Students, small business, home-owners etc. is how it fits into May Day.

· I would like to put a tent in BofA

· Closing down BofA with paint

· is the website

o Tools for documenting

o Page of materials

o Big long call to action by Taibbi

Ways to plug in

· Videos

· Planning meeting at 6pm

· Help planning around 5-9 Charlotte action.

· Work teams

o Actions

o Messaging

§ A lot of pieces

§ Translate research

§ Why bofa

o Coalition building

§ Talking with other orgs and cities

o Tech

§ Making tools so we can all look at this research

§ Providing open doors where people can share info with us

o Research

§ Labor people doing seminars on this

§ Matt Taibbi

§ First workshop is next Wednesday

§ Days of action and days preceding it have teach-ins

§ Database of all people suing them and we want to get them to go to ratings agencies and talk shit about BofA

o Anonymous

§ They do campaigns we should get them on board

o Base-Building

§ People working on GAs and other groups on how they can get involved in the campaign

· I saw someone talking about releasing crickets / spray-painting banks

Eviction Defense

· DA planning actions that have a lasting effect.

· 3-26 is the next auction blockade action with o4o

· Public schools are under attack. We should get in-touch with UFT and find out which schools are slated for closure.

· I want to build positive action.


· Wednesday 8-11:30 at yippee café 9 Bleeker st.

· Diego, Ari, and Zu are bottom-lining eviction calendar.

· 2-10 days of hunger strike to boycott fast food industry to get them to put money to end starvation. Talk to Tu

· May Day group will have occupation next to school with teach-ins etc.

· 228 e 23 rd st

· Internal of May Day is going to start have outside meetings before DA 430 on Tuesday in 60 Wall

· Think Tank to talk about specific actions

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