Strategy Session Notes – 04/15/12

Minutes for Sunday April 15 DA

Taking stack to set agenda

Report backs Mayday and direct action Switching location for da meetings Mayday and general assembly Act up 25 Discussions of yesterday Occupation on wall st itself Friday afternoon spring training tactics Presence at Union Sq

Reportbacks: Report on action: sung I will survive in front of stock exchange. Threats of arrest occurred for singing. Yesterday’s meeting at 5th ace and central park was great. Friday Spring training march against banks were successful. Question as to anger after march; ruled that report backs are not the time for discussion. Mayday meeting was previous to this meeting. Meet twice per week. Breakout for discussions. Many projects need resources. How will we meet those needs? How can we rejuvenate the GA to answer these questions? Vision for next 2-6 months. May 13th will be the next movement assembly for strategic planning. An open format. DA could plug in here. Connect with non OWS groups in NYC.

Agenda items: 1. Act up 25 11am on April 25th. Financial transaction tax, end aids. March from City Hall to the Fed then to Stock Exchange. Da Meetings are 6 on mon nights at gay and lesbian center on 13th st between 7th and 8th. 7pm are general meetings. Bussing in 2000 people from across the country. Need livestreams. Would like to protect people from violence because they are vulnerable; soft block around them? Red zone action is all at the stock exchange. Can OWS medics come? They have own legal team. Stack is closed.

2. Prop to move Union Sq DA meeting to liberty square Four meetings per week Propose than non- general strike meetings be held at liberty sq. Rationale: planning should occur where actions will occur Right now we have one meeting that meets at union sq. Concerns: we move the meetings too often. Will this fracture the larger group? Response: occupy union sq exists, occupy wall st exists; there are already fractured groups working in parallel so we can have multiple DA groups Friendly amendments: move meetings closer to Wall St Bell fund covers funds for Union Sq but not at other places. Disagreement that we have a split of groups. Why not Washington St park? 5 stand asides; broader question of is OWS wall st or union sq? Have we heard from people that this affects? Dislike and bad memories of Zucotti Park. Blocks? No. Final temp check? Poor so no action taken.

3. Occupying Wall St proper What do we think of the current occupation on Wall St? Critique of the court case that allows us to camp. Can this lead up to May with more ideas? What was the intention? Teaching law of action. One was to escalate towards Mayday so people are there early morning of Mayday. What do we want our presence to look like? This is a draining action for those on Wall St. Great because it is very symbolic and many tourists visit. Positive feeling towards wall st. Good unity! How do we relate this to the march? We would like it to be more welcoming. More finesse in action to attract outsiders.

4. Tactics on Friday Spring Training Can we make this action more symbolic and less focused on police? Sometimes we can do the people’s gong but sometimes police get upset about it. Mistake: not leaving right after gong. This was not meant to become violent and cause arrests, so we should dissipate energy right after. Now that people are sleeping down there we need to keep it peaceful. The arrests were not fair; they were free speech arrests, not anything dangerous or radical. “we were arrested for protesting on federal property” Speaker upset about being rushed by facilitator.

5. Mayday projects Announcements from accounting: we need an organized GA in order to disburse funds (minutes, proposals, facilitation) Soft Proposal: how do we come together to make a great Mayday? Forming a GA Ideas on how to revitalize the GA Ga should not be a decision making body, but mostly a body of discussion. Finances should have a separate body (not ga not spokes). A special GA might derail the current effort to reform GA. Problematic: organizing GA solely for the sake of getting money for the general strike. We could crowd source and raise new finds for the general strike. WePay allows is to get money immediately. mayday is a beginning of the second occupy. Bodies can be more important than cash immediately. Could this be the last hurrah for the GA to spend on Mayday, keep growing the movement using Mayday, then more money will flow in, perhaps. We are past 6pm and still have not done announcements. We have closes stack and now onto announcements.


1. Action in federal steps Speak out of grievances against wall st. Exercising freedom of speech perhaps on the 23rd. If you are inspired to speak about this please get in touch. Want to get a few great speakers. 4pm on a weeknight?

2. @owscom 23559 @owscom write a message To get on Com Hub!

3. Tax day is Tuesday. Announcements will go out on Com Hub.

4. Direct action is happening now on Wall St Thursday at 1 pearl and Hannover to play capture the flag

5. Send to if you

6. 7pm tonight singing on Wall St Monday at bx 851 grand concourse Info at DA web site

Facilitator feedback: Too slow in beginning Should the facilitator be one to rush people by keeping track of time?



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