Street Tactics 101: Pacer Training

On Tuesday, March 6th, Direct Action Working Group reached a unanimous consensus to make the call for a Spring Resurgence by making weekly marches on Wall Street.  We’re excited to bring the heat back to Wall Street as the weather gets warmer!

As part of the 7-week initiative building toward May Day, we’ve committed to hosting trainings to organize and prepare ourselves to take the streets all summer along. We’ll be hosting a Pacer Training this Saturday, March 10th at 5:00pm in Liberty Square.  Whether you’re new to Direct Action Working Group or a Red Cube veteran, this will be a great opportunity to get primed on street tactics, nonviolent direct action, and how to keep a large, amorphous crowd of people together so they can stay safe and shut it down!

See you there!
By the Red Structure!

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