The Inevitable Insurrection

Originally a piece I had written last year, I had subsequently taken it down after hearing that certain Occupy activists were concerned with the content. It was also denied publication on the movement website,

Since then, I have decided that throughout history, the one thing that stood the test of time, the one weapon that no government, with all their weapons and punishment, could ever conquer, was the “word”.

Whether spoken, penned or typed, words have the power to change the tides. They have the power to educate. And to be afraid of the human right to express thought through word, is to fail as a revolutionary. In light of this reflection, I am re-posting this article.



The Inevitable Insurrection

By Mark Adams | Published: MAY 18, 2013

When groups like “Occupy the NRA” and the “Brady Campaign” fight for stricter government enforced gun laws and outright bans on assault weapons, I beg to differ. These laws and bans will be designed to keep weapons out of the hands of citizens, or people like you and I, and in the hands of hired killers. And who are these “hired killers” you may ask. Well thugs like coppers and GIs of course. So while liberals would like to live in neighborhoods absent of gun owners, they have no problem with predators who continue to kill people in the streets of the city or in artificially created war zones like Pakistan and Yemen.

You may have heard of the phrase “too big to fail”. Though it normally applies to the financial sector to describe mega banks like Citi Corp, whose collapse would destroy the capitalist economy, this phrase can accurately describe the state of the Union. With endless corruption of government officials on both local and federal levels, the wholesale rape of mother Earth with pipelines, the mass brainwashing of an army of zombie conformists with advertising and mind-numbingly idiotic reality T.V. shows, and the continually expanding buffer zone between the uber-wealthy and the poor, the United States is a nation that has certainly become too big to fail.

And so, when it does fail, it will be for the better. The trajectory of the failure of this corporate sponsored bureaucracy will be complex.

Secession will commence the end of the mega-union. The governments of many cities and states have a serious problem with a Commander-in-Chief telling them that they have to force their citizens to buy inadequate healthcare, or that they can’t legalize marijuana. The more the federal government decides to regulate, the quicker a mass secessionist movement will gain steam. Combine this with a bigoted constituency who just don’t like a bi-racial President, and continued investment of tax payer money into aimless foreign wars, and you have the perfect recipe for a collapse.

But wait a minute. Secession won’t necessarily be good for leftists. Well, not in the beginning since many of the newly formed territories will be defended by right-wing militias whose goal will be the promotion of segregated, all-”American” towns.

Somewhere in the middle of these two events, there will be a showdown with the state. The federal government will activate its hired killers to run into trouble-spots with sophisticated weapons and armor and eliminate any threat to national security. Something similar to this has been happening in Syria in the last two years. So if you have a citizenry, or people, who lack the weapons to defend themselves, their families, their homes, their neighbors and their communities thanks to the efforts of pro-gun control lobbies, they will simply be incarcerated or eliminated.

I am no pacifist because I am a realist. Even today, I see the violence brought to impoverished communities by the police and the violence brought to the mountains of Pakistan and the homes of Iraq by U.S. government troops or contractors. Taking guns out of the hands of all and concentrating it in the hands of the state will only tip the scales in favor of fascist forces.

The insurrection is nearing.

We must be ready.

We must be prepared.

Viva la revolucion.

Inquilab zindabad.


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